Online Art Classes For Homeschoolers That Will Make Mom Happy

Online Art Classes For Homeschoolers That Will Make Mom Happy

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Online Art Classes For Homeschoolers That Will Make Mom Happy

So you are looking for online art classes for homeschoolers? There are so many to choose from, and I do happen to have a couple of favorites. After 12+ years of homeschooling, we have tried different programs and even in-person classes. So we can speak to the best value for your family when it comes to homeschool art.

Online Art Classes for Homeschoolers

My oldest daughter is very fond of Masterpiece Society Studio. She started using it years ago and later became a handi-craft contributor to the membership too! We adore Alisha, the founder and art instructor, and once you meet her, you will too. She is a fantastic Christian role model for your children, and you can rest assured your kids are in good hands with her as their art teacher. In addition to that, she’s super talented.

After years of instruction from Alisha, she has picked up so many painting skills. We even nicknamed her floral portraits, Alicia flowers, because she does a lovely painted flower similar to her teacher now.

Online Art Classes for Homeschoolers

What Are The Benefits Of Online Art Classes For Homeschoolers

  • Self-Paced – I am particular about making my schedule, as I know many of you are too. Most homeschoolers like to march to the beat of their own drums, and I don’t like being on someone else’s schedule. With Masterpiece Society, all of the classes are pre-recorded, so you can easily access them at your own convenience. I know you will appreciate that. Your older students can also begin to manage the classes online on their own. It’s a great tool to strengthen independent learning.
  • Family – We are big advocates for family and family-style learning when we can. I love the fact that you can combine kids of multiple ages when you use Masterpiece Society’s online art curriculum. If combining kiddos isn’t your thing, no problem. Your kids can pick and choose what projects appeal to them; either way, you only need one membership for the entire family.
  • Affordable – If you have ever sent your children to in-person art classes, then you know that you can easily pay $50-75 per week. That $50-75 might only cover one hour of instruction per week too. Not with Masterpiece Society Studio, you will likely not get through half of the lessons available even after an entire year. Let me put it this way, we have had our membership for over four years and still haven’t completed everything. They add new classes and activities each month.
  • Options – Speaking of all the classes you can pick from, here is just a tiny sampling to give you an idea of what’s available.

Masterpiece Society Studio

LiterARTure – Perfect to add to your homeschool lessons, finish a book, and celebrate with art!

Shakespeare – What homeschooler doesn’t love a little Shakespeare? And add art, even more fun.

Nature Journaling – If you are a homeschooler, you know we love our nature journaling.

Hand Lettering – Moms, you might enjoy this creative outlet too!

Drawing – For all ages.

Watercolors – These have been a favorite of ours. 

Online Art Classes for Homeschoolers

Online Art Classes for Homeschoolers

Acrylics – Tons of acrylic art projects and how-to classes available.

Mixed Media Workshops – These are so much fun for kids of all ages!

K-2 Projects – If you have younger kids, no worries, there is something for them too.

Holiday Art – I think this is great, no searching for holiday projects; everything is right in your membership portal.

Mixing with the Masters – Art history with projects that align with your favorite artists! You can see photos of a Van Gogh and a Georgia O’Keefe my oldest has done here in the post. 

Online Art Classes for Homeschoolers

They are adding more as we speak! Over $3700 worth of art classes. There is just too much for me to mention. Take a look for yourself and see everything included for your family to enjoy online art classes here!

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