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Avoid These Mistakes When Talking About Salvation for Kids

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Avoid These Mistakes When Talking About Salvation for Kids

As homeschool parents, church volunteers, and community leaders, many of us will have opportunities to share the gospel with children. When we share, we need to make sure we are prepared to talk about salvation for kids. Just because we are sharing with children doesn’t mean we should be any less prepared than when we share with adults. Children deserve our respect, well-thought-out words, and patience as much as any adult, if not more.

salvation for kids

Let’s Avoid These Common Mistakes When Talking About Salvation for Kids

Be Careful Not To Assume

If we are in children’s ministry or volunteering with children, we need to be mindful that we do not assume if the child is saved or unsaved. Take time to build rapport with a child and get to know them a bit before we decide they need to be saved. You never want to offend a child by assuming what they don’t know. Spend some time getting to know them first, and through authentic conversation, you can find out if they are saved already or if they are ready to hear more about Jesus. Each child is unique, so we need to pray and approach each individual differently.

Do Not Be Confusing

It is so easy to get carried away when we share the gospel and talk about salvation with children. But it is best to keep things simple until the child fully understands the message. Give them ample time and opportunity to ask questions. Often, if we let the children lead the line of questioning, they will ask everything they need to know. And when we allow them to express their curiosity organically, they will naturally learn more. With that said, we need to choose our words carefully and use language that they can easily understand. We don’t want to confuse them or crush their curiosity by using words they are afraid to ask the meaning of.

Don’t Scare Them

When we introduce how salvation works, try not to dwell on “You Will Burn In Hell For Eternity”, unfortunately we will might only be scaring them into salvation. There is much more to salvation, and we need to focus on the wonderful blessings that come with being saved. Tell them of the beautiful transformation that take place once you accept Jesus and how much God loves them. How God wants a personal relationship with them. Yes, hell is real, and they need to hear about it – but all the blessings that they will gain through salvation are also fantastic talking points. So there is no need to dwell on hell longer than necessary and scare children. Use discernment when talking about salvation for kids; based on their ages, you can decide how deep to go when talking about hell specifically.

These are just a few of the common mistakes we make when talking to children about salvation. For more Dos and Don’ts when sharing salvation for kids – visit Let The Little Children Come.

They also have this fantastic printable infographic to help you. This would be a great resource to share with your ministry and fellow volunteers.

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