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Exciting Resources That Will Help You Explain The Gospel For Kids

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Exciting Resources That Will Help You Explain The Gospel For Kids

One morning as I volunteered in my daughter’s Sunday school class of Kindergarteners, an adorable doe-eyed curly-haired girl asked an innocent question. “If I invite Jesus into my heart, how will he fit inside?” As cute as it was, it struck me – sharing the gospel for kids can be confusing.

Another example that comes to mind, as my sister was serving in her children’s church recently, they began sharing the story of Lazarus. When the teacher spoke about how Jesus raised him from the dead, one child yelled out, “He’s a zombie?”.

We, adults, use phrases that can easily be misconstrued by children if we aren’t careful to explain on a level that they can understand. This doesn’t mean we should “dumb things down” at all, but we can all use some help to make sure what we are sharing is more understandable on a younger level.


gospel for kids

Not only can we use more help when it comes to the verbiage we choose when sharing the gospel with children, but keeping it fun and engaging is super beneficial too!

That’s why I want to share with all of you some fantastic resources that can help you share the gospel for kids.

My friends at Let The Little Children Come are designing so many resources to make sharing the gospel with kids easy. No more awkward attempts when it comes to telling children about Jesus!

Best Practices When Sharing the Gospel for Kids

  •  Plan Your Presentation. Even though we are sharing with children, we shouldn’t just wing it! Be prepared to share the gospel. It is a life-changing opportunity, no matter what age you are. Prepare in advance so that you can make the most of your time and opportunity.
  •  Be Clear About The Gospel. Before we share the good news with others, we should make sure we are clear about it ourselves. Need to brush up on the gospel? Grab this PDF. 
  •  Watch Your Words. Much like the examples above, our word choice can quickly leave children confused when talking about Jesus, salvation, or anything Biblical for that matter. Make sure you aren’t routinely using any of these phrases that might leave kids confused.
  • Make It Fun. Sharing the good news should be anything but boring! When we share the gospel for kids, let’s make it sound as exciting as it really is. Especially if you are privileged enough to share with a group of children or you have a divine appointment – be ready. Here are some exciting resources for sharing the gospel with children. You will find creative ideas that are sure to leave children with a lasting memorable impression.
  •  Respect Is Key. We must make sure that we show love and respect to each child. Remember that children are people and deserve our respect. We have not been called to scare a child into salvation. But by love and understanding, we can authentically share the good news. This also means we should have enough respect for the child and the opportunity to have our phone on silent. To fully give respect means to be present in the moment. Here are more tips for evangelizing to children. 
  •  Use Visuals. We are living in a visual world. Everywhere you look, visuals are competing for your attention – T.V., the internet, and smart devices. It only makes sense to use visuals with children if you want to catch their attention. Gospel tracts aren’t what the used to be! There are tons of gospel tracts these days designed to catch the attention of children and make sharing Biblical messages exciting for little eyes. Use this resource for choosing just the right visual tools. 

I hope this gives you some ideas for sharing the gospel with children!

For more kid-friendly Gospel sharing resources, visit Let The Little Children Come.



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