These High School Science Labs Are Equal To A Full Year

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These High School Science Labs Are Equal To A Full Year

We have recently entered into the high school years of our homeschooling journey. 9th grade – homeschooling high school is new territory. Some subjects naturally become increasingly deeper, more to cover, and even harder at times. Science is one of those subjects. Luckily, high school science labs are available to simplify all of the work.

You probably remember high school science labs from your past as I do. Dissecting things in biology or creating chemical reactions in chemistry. Some of these activities are more difficult to replicate in the home. It can be challenging to find the right items to offer an in-home lab experience. Or you may not be science-minded and have a difficult time facilitating these lab activities in your own homeschool.

For example, I couldn’t handle the dissection of a frog 27 years ago. So I am confident that I don’t want to help my kids dissect anything today. I am sure some of you can relate.

That is where College Prep Science for Homeschoolers can help! I recently had the privilege of reviewing College Prep Science, and you can read that post here. I am incredibly impressed with the resources they provide for homeschool science. One offer that I want to make sure you guys are aware of are their 2-day lab intensives for homeschool science biology & chemistry.

These 2-day lab intensives for homeschool science biology & chemistry can cover a full year’s worth of science labs.

Yep. They are a fantastic way to make sure your child gets a full year of science labs in for high school in just two days.

In addition to that, your homeschool student will have an awesome and  memorable experience.

2 day lab intensives for homeschool science biology & chemistry can cover a full year's worth of high school science labs. Take a look! #highschoolscience #homeschoolscience #sciencelabs #highschoollabs

The Benefits of a 2-Day Science Lab Intensive for Your High School Homeschooler

  • Skip all the trouble of setting up science labs at home. No searching for materials or replicating labs in your homeschool.
  • This is a hands-on experience that your student is likely to remember forever. Hands-on experiences help kids to remember more than if they had watched a video, for example.
  • Meet fellow homeschoolers. Since these 2-day lab intensives for homeschoolers are hosted locally (all over the U.S.) and in-person, your child can likely meet new homeschooling friends.
  •  In case you feel like your homeschool has been lacking in science experiments or high school level curriculum, these labs are perfect for you. You can catch up so to speak by attending a 2-day lab. Your student will walk away with a ton of science knowledge.
  •  Everything from College Prep Science is Christ-Centered. As Christian homeschoolers, you can rest assured that everything is presented from a creation perspective.
  • Your student will walk away with a certificate of completion.
  • Is your student planning on majoring in science once they are in college? The lab intensives from College Science Prep are perfect for students who plan to major in science. The labs are comprehensive enough to make sure they walk away with a full understanding of biology, chemistry, or both.
  • Greg Landry, the owner of College Science Prep and teacher, has over 20 years experience in the field of science. You can feel confident when you allow Mr. Landry to teach your children science. But, the best part – he is a homeschool dad.

If you are a homeschool family with a high school student, you should definitely consider using College Science Prep for a 2-day in-person science lab intensive.

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