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5 Ways an Organized Homeschool Room Might Help You

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5 Ways an Organized Homeschool Room Might Help You

It was time to transition from one subject to another. The day had already proven itself to be challenging, and I had sleep deprivation from a new baby. My oldest was not motivated to keep going. But, I felt we were already behind for the homeschool year that I desperately wanted to complete the day. I had delivered a September baby while homeschooling an almost middle schooler. Oh, and throw a busy 14-month old into the mix.

My post-baby emotional brain needed to check off the homeschool boxes for the day to feel like we had some level of homeschool consistency. So despite that I knew neither of us was in the right frame of mind, I pressed forward. Until of course, we couldn’t find the materials needed to do our lesson.

Boy was I frustrated. If anything, I pride myself on knowing where everything is. But not this day.

Have you ever gotten so frustrated because you can not seem to find things in your homeschool when you need them? Yep, it can hinder your entire homeschool day.

That day, however, is not my norm. But it is frustrating none the less.

One thing that I have learned over the last 11 years of homeschooling is that organization is your friend, especially when it comes to your homeschool room.

An organized homeschool room (or space) helps your homeschool days run more smoothly. I promise!

Homeschool Room

5 Benefits of Keeping an Organized Homeschool Room or Space

  1. Often a dedicated homeschool space can help you maintain a routine. It might seem easier to stick to a homeschooling routine when you have a homeschool room or area to go to at a particular time each day. (Not always, but for some people, this helps.) When you begin your homeschool day in a dedicated homeschool space, all of your materials and curriculum are usually in the room – making it easier to get started. We all want a smoother start to our homeschool day.
  2.  Even though homeschooling can happen anywhere, some children do better when they are in a homeschool space. They know that area is where the majority of their school work happens, making it easier to get to work than on the couch or near a T.V., for example. You can cultivate consistency in your homeschool when there is less to derail or distract you. There are usually fewer toys, media, or other things competing for your children’s attention in your homeschool space.
  3.  You have an area to organize all of your materials. Whether your homeschool space is in the dining room or a dedicated homeschool room – when all of your materials are organized in one place, the results are almost always positive. You are more likely to find everything you need when you need it – pencils, supplies, or project materials, for example.
  4.  Occasionally it’s nice to close the homeschool room door. Sometimes you need a homeschool break. Or maybe the kids are knee-deep in a project that will have to wait until Monday morning. It’s nice to close the door and leave things where you can pick them right back up again.
  5.  An organized homeschool room can make you smile. When everything has it’s place, and there is a place for everything – it feels so good! And smiling is good for you! There you go.

Homeschool Room

With all that said, I love our homeschool room. The story I told above about not finding what we needed when we needed it rarely happens to us. But, that doesn’t make it any less frustrating when it does.

So we keep our homeschool neat and organized to minimize that type of situation from happening on the regular. Our homeschool days flow well because we are intentional about keeping organized.

Do things happen to derail us? Yes. But, we try our best to avoid that by keeping our homeschool room organized.

Disclaimer: Before I show you a sneak peek into our homeschool room, you need to know that I haven’t always had this room. Because I know some of you might think, “oh sure, if I had that room I could be organized too.” But I was organized even when we were homeschooling out of an old 1980’s converted garage with linoleum floors and wood-paneled walls.

An organized homeschool space is not about how pretty the room is, but by how well you have everything organized. By what type of learning atmosphere you can create for your family.

That’s what makes you and everyone in your family smile – cultivating a space and atmosphere that you all want to learn in and build connections together. That is homeschooling.

Here Is a Look at Our Homeschool Room in Pictures Over the Years

homeschool room

homeschool room

We hope you enjoyed taking a peek into our homeschool room. I always get great inspiration from fellow homeschoolers and seeing how others organize things.

I also linked to a few Amazon products above from our school room, in case you were looking for any of them. But most of the items in our homeschool space were purchased used.


    1. Hi Angie! Aren’t those cute? I got them off of Amazon, they are actually pillow covers. I had some ugly old couch pillows that I was planning to donate and they got a second chance at life now. 😉

  1. Darla

    What a cute space you have! As a new homeschooling mom, I’m scouring pinterest for ideas on how to set up. I really like yours and know I’ll keep coming back to it. Thanks for sharing!

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