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This Is Homeschool Science Curriculum You Will Be Relieved About

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This Is Homeschool Science Curriculum You Will Be Relieved About

When it comes to teaching science in our homeschools, some of us feel a little anxious โ€” especially those of us who aren’t that science-minded.

Is science interesting? Sure! Do I have a passion for teaching it? No.

As homeschool moms, we need to let go of the myth that we should love every subject we teach.

I know I used to feel a bit of guilt that I didn’t have the same passion for teaching math and science as I do literature, art history, or Bible.

I also felt like I need to teach science to make sure it is always presented from a creation perspective.

But that simply isn’t true.

There are resources now available to Christian families for homeschool science that we can feel good about! And for those of us who aren’t excited to teach science, you will feel downright relieved when I share this new homeschool science curriculum with you.

Live and Self-Paced Online Homeschool Science Curriculum for Elementary through High School with a Christian Perspective #homeschoolscience #homeschoolcurriculum #sciencecurriculum #homeschoolhighschool

I have recently had the privilege of getting to know and research College Prep Science. For a homeschool mom who desires to keep Christ at the center of the subject, College Science Prep is pretty stinking awesome!

With one child in high school, we have begun to enjoy more live online courses. My daughter enjoys the sense of community when learning along with other students from home. And I am learning to outsource the few subjects that I am less than excited to teach. This benefits us both.

College Science Prep offers live science classes online to meet the outsourcing needs of homeschooling parents. Students from 6th grade to 12th grade can enjoy all sorts of homeschool science classes.

Homeschool Science Curriculum Offered at College Prep Science

Biology – College Prep
Life Prep Biology
Chemistry – College Prep
Life Prep Chemistry
Physics – College Prep
Life Prep Physics
Human Anatomy & Physiology
Exercise and Sports Physiology
Pre-Anatomy & Physiology

They will also be adding the following in 2020:
Embryology – The Magnificence of Human Development
Introduction to Biochemistry / Microbiology
Forensic Science & Human Anatomy

College Science Prep also keeps a strong focus on the preparation for college and life, which makes this homeschool science curriculum a win-win, in my opinion.

With online science classes, your student can begin to get a taste of what college will be like and prepare for life outside of the homeschool.

College Science Prep also offers two-day homeschool science labs. In these labs, your child can cover an entire year worth of homeschool science labs in two days along with peers. These homeschool science labs are available in various places in the U.S. This sounds like a fun way to learn and meet other homeschool families.

Besides the fact that College Science Prep has some fantastic homeschool science offerings, the classes and labs are taught by a homeschool dad. I think that is pretty cool!

In addition to College Science Prep’s already impressive course line-up, they offer homeschool ACT prep and CLEP biology prep.

College Science Prep can be your high school science hub with everything you need to set your student up for success.

Benefits of Using College Science Prep for Your Homeschool Science Curriculum

  • Christ-Centered
  • Teacher In Real Life
  • Live Interaction
  • Graded Tests and Assignments
  • Qualified Veteran Science Teacher
  • Experience Community with Other Students
  • Prepare Your Student for College and Life
  • Eliminate Fear or Anxiety About Teaching High School Science
  • No More Worries of “Being Behind” or “Not Covering It All”

I encourage you to take a look at College Science Prep for your homeschool science curriculum needs. There is nothing wrong with outsourcing classes in your homeschool. Give your student everything they need to succeed when it comes to homeschool science.

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