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5 Simple Ways for Busy Moms to Take Time for Themselves

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5 Simple Ways for Busy Moms to Take Time for Themselves

It seems moms are busier than ever these days. That’s not mere speculation. Statistics indicate average moms have a lot more on their plate now than in the past. Whether you’re taking your children to different activities, putting in a full day of work, preparing healthy and easy kids meals, or trying to balance your own relationships, daily life can be stressful.

This type of lifestyle can make it easy to neglect self-care. However, you can’t care for your family if you don’t care for yourself.

These tips will help you find balance in your life. As busy as you are, it’s still important to…


Working out offers a wide range of health benefits, which you probably already know. However, losing weight and protecting your heart aren’t the only reasons fitness is important. Research indicates staying active also helps to guard against depression, stress, and other mental health ailments.

Finding a routine you enjoy that fits into your schedule doesn’t need to be difficult either. For instance, maybe you prefer yoga over another activity, like running or lifting weights. You don’t need to head to a yoga studio to practice it anymore if you feel you don’t have time to do so. Although it’s best to work with a professional instructor directly whenever possible, you can always watch yoga videos on YouTube if that’s the only way you can fit in a work out.

Schedule Social Activities

Having an active social life has been shown to reduce stress levels. Of course, if you’re a busy mom, it can be difficult to spontaneously get together with friends and family.

Don’t let this stop you from socializing. Instead of trying to see your friends during the rare instances when you have unexpected free time, make a point of scheduling regular social activities. Perhaps you and your friends can form a book club that meets once a month. Maybe you and your spouse or partner can schedule monthly date nights. By planning ahead of time (and making these activities regular occurrences), it’s easier to maintain a healthy social life.

Treat Yourself

Busy moms work hard for their families. Thus, you’re absolutely justified in treating yourself to an enjoyable experience every now and then. This can take many forms depending on your preferences.

For some women, this may involve getting a massage. For others, it could mean going out to a concert or movie. If you’re looking to save money, you could simply enjoy a relaxing bath with a glass of wine. No matter how you treat yourself, do so regularly. As with socializing, it’s important to schedule this consistently, otherwise you might forget to prioritize it.

Get Enough Sleep

You should be proud of everything you do to raise kids and care for your family. Just don’t let this lifestyle deprive you of sleep. You’re going to be a lot less productive than you could otherwise be if you don’t get proper rest. By making sure you’re doing everything you can to get eight hours of sleep a night, you’re doing both yourself and your loved ones a favor.

Stick to a Hobby

Life is more enjoyable when you’re constantly learning. This is particularly true if it involves participating in an activity you find enjoyable. Whether you’ve neglected an old hobby you used to be passionate about, or you’re interested in taking up a new one, set aside time for this sort of activity on a regular basis. Hobbies are also known to alleviate stress levels.

Life may be getting busier for the modern mom, but that doesn’t mean they should neglect self-care. Addressing your own needs is key to addressing your family’s. Keep these tips in mind to make sure you’re doing so.

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