Why Studying Evidence of the Flood in Your Homeschool is Important

Why Studying Evidence of the Flood in Your Homeschool is Important

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We have always been a family that teaches from the creation perspective. A sound biblical foundation to our homeschool is essential to us as a family. So we enjoy collecting books that align with our faith and beliefs.

I have scoured the internet for all types of homeschool resources that help reinforce teaching what we believe. We have used various books and websites in our homeschool over the years and we enjoy adding unique finds to our home library. Our family recently came upon something quite remarkable that we want to share with other homeschool families.

Why Studying Evidence of the Flood in Your Homeschool is Important

Why Studying Evidence of the Flood in Your Homeschool is Important

Do You See What I See? by Chuck Renstrom makes a wonderful addition to a Christian homeschool library. It is a fantastic resource to have on hand when discussing the book of Genesis and it also contains fascinating photographs that highlight evidence of the flood. It is lovely enough to use as a coffee table book, and Do You See What I See? will create opportunities for deep conversational moments in your home.

Do You See What I See? is a visually stunning book that helps support the flood as we know it from the Bible.

“I am going to bring floodwaters on the earth to destroy all life under the heavens, every creature that has the breath of life in it. Everything on earth will perish.” Genesis 6:17 NIV

In Chuck Renstrom’s book Do You See What I See? he uses his photography to show high altitude evidence of the worldwide flood. Many of us will never get a chance to see this evidence first hand, but this book makes it possible to see it up close with vivid pictures.

Why Studying Evidence of the Flood in Your Homeschool is Important

Why Studying Evidence of the Flood in Your Homeschool is Important

Why Are Books Like Do You See What I See Important?

  • As Christian parents and home educators, it is our responsibility to teach the word and the truth. The Bible. But it also helps in the current times that our children are growing up in, to reinforce the truth and use the sound resources we have available to support all Biblical truths. Do You See What I See? does precisely that.
  • If your child has ever questioned whether or not they can believe creationism vs. evolution, using resources that support the biblical evidence can be extremely helpful. Many of us, including our children, can be visual learners and using materials that give us an actual visual picture can help us to better understand and wrap our brains around the topic.
  • Unfortunately, in our current culture, our children are very likely to be exposed to efforts that will try to disprove what we know as biblical truths. Our children need to be equipped with solid information now more than ever. The world we live in is becoming more and more saturated with beliefs that do not support the Bible in addition to a morally twisted climate.
  • We are preparing our children for all that they will face in the world, outside of our protective environments. And apart from us, they need to be able to not only be secure in their faith, but also in facts, evidence, and supporting arguments. The world will try to bend what our children believe. This is not to scare you, but the reality is they must prepare for what they will face.
  • Do You See What I See? is a beautiful tool to help solidify our belief and understanding of the worldwide flood. If we can not stand on the history inside Genesis, how can our children stand on anything else that follows in the Bible? Genesis is our truth, our history, and our science.

Why Studying Evidence of the Flood in Your Homeschool is Important

Ideas For How You Can Use Do You See What I See? In Your Homeschool

History: You can tie Do You See What I See? into your homeschool through the historical aspect as you teach or cover the story of Noah and the flood in Genesis using the Bible.

Earth Science: Since the flood was a year-long catastrophe, you could study flood waters and flooding in depth to pull in the weather aspect. Study.com has an in-depth look at flooding here.

Geology + Geography: Dive into what effect the flood had on the reshaping of the continents, and study how these rock layers (as pictured in the book) contain proof of all the billions of creatures that were buried. Answers In Genesis has a wealth of resources to expand on this also.

Biblical + Character Study: Read the Bible and discuss Noah and why God chose him to build the ark and spare his family. You can talk about Noah’s obedience to God, how he was faithful and diligent. Talk about sin and God’s ultimate judgment on the wickedness of man.

Zoology: You can dive into an in-depth study of animals before and after the flood. The Bible has such interesting details of various animals pre and post-flood. Discuss and/or try to identify the animal fossils and formations found in the book.

Mathematics: Have your kids research the dimensions of the ark. Or visit the Arc Encounter for the field trip of a lifetime!

Paleontology: The story of the flood is the perfect segue into the study of fossils. And there are plenty of fossils inside Do You See What I See? to talk about.

Learn About Rainbows & The Covenant: Creation.com has a good summary here.

These are just a few simple ideas to help you brainstorm how you can explore so much from the topic of the worldwide flood in Genesis. There are so many fascinating resources available to bring this study to life. I highly recommend adding this book to your collection of Christian educational books.



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    1. Oh you won’t be disappointed! It’s lovely and large enough for a coffee table book. Hope your kids enjoy it as much as mine have!๐Ÿ’›

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