The Numerical Skills Every Homeschooling Mom Needs To Teach Their Kids

The Numerical Skills Every Homeschooling Mom Needs To Teach Their Kids

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The Numerical Skills Every Homeschooling Mom Needs To Teach Their Kids

When you’re homeschooling your children, you will always want to make sure that you’re able to provide them with the best information possible. You’ll want to enrich their minds, nurture their creativity, and ensure that they have all of the skills they need for their future. One of the key skills that children will need, involve numbers. And we’re not just talking about math here, but these core skills that they need for life.

1. Money Skills

First of all, you’re going to want to talk money! Now, talking about money may initially make you feel uncomfortable. But don’t you want your kids to be financially healthy and know how to manage their money? Sure! Plus, personal finance skills can also be translated to careers and business, so it’s another string to add to their bow.

2. Measurement Skills

Another key career skill involving numbers is measurement. For reporting and analysis, a lot of people will need to know how to measure development, progress, and results – so definitely work this into your curriculum at some point.

3. Data Skills

Then, taking the idea of measurement to the next level, there’s also data to think about. Right now, data is so huge in the world. It’s used to wisely measure business and work, that it’s something that your children will benefit from learning – and so will you! Data analysis and application to real-life situations can be invaluable. Take a look at the below infographic for more information on data and it’s future.

We can also learn from this data what types of jobs may be in demand once our homeschoolers are looking at college and future plans. Not to mention the emphasis on collecting data from social intelligence.

Infographic Design By University of Southern California

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