Outsource Math Online to Simplify Your Homeschool Needs • CTC Math Review

Outsource Math Online to Simplify Your Homeschool Needs • CTC Math Review

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Outsource Math Online to Simplify Your Homeschool Needs • CTC Math Review

Finding the right fit when it comes to a math curriculum can feel like torture. Especially when you have a child that struggles or worse; hates math. I know the feeling all too well.

To add to the struggle, what if mom hates teaching math too? I know it may not be popular to claim that as a homeschool mom you dislike teaching a subject. But in all honesty, even homeschool moms have subjects that are less than pleasant to teach.

As a homeschool consultant, I work with families often that share this common problem. I usually suggest outsourcing the subject. Outsourcing means you are still homeschooling, but you are allowing a subject to be taught primarily by someone other than you. This may include a live tutor or an online class program that requires little of you as the “teacher.”

Outsource Math Online to Simplify Your Homeschool Needs • CTC Math

Outsourcing serves as a fantastic tool for parents that want to continue the freedom of homeschooling but want to remain more hands-off of a particular subject. For myself and my oldest student that happens to be math.

We have been homeschooling for a decade now and even though I thought that I have heard of almost every math program available; I was pleasantly surprised when I got the opportunity to try CTC Math. I am so excited to share with you how CTC Math can help you simplify your homeschooling needs too.

CTC math is a full online math curriculum for students K-12. They do not promote common core methods of teaching math. Instead, they teach math with the most straightforward and simplistic methods, thus making math easier to understand and master.

Outsource Math Online to Simplify Your Homeschool Needs • CTC Math Review

Why simplify math?

For many homeschooling families and ours, we all agree that the subject that causes the most strife or frustration in our homeschools is math. The simple solution? Outsource, and eliminate the subject that causes your homeschool to be less than enjoyable. Homeschooling should never be a source of trouble for your family; it should be a peaceful place for cultivating a love of learning.

Who would benefit from CTC math?

  • Parents who struggle to teach math to their homeschool students.
  • Parents who want a more simplified approach to homeschool math.
  • Parents who don’t feel confident enough to teach math on their own.
  • Students who struggle with math concepts.
  • Students who need a little extra help with math.
  • Students who find math overwhelming or feel frustrated easily with math.

How CTC math can help.

If your student struggles with particular math concepts, CTC allows you to navigate to the exact areas your student struggles. For example, my daughter was having a difficult time understanding blank. I appreciated the way we could skip right to where we needed to focus. We didn’t have to work up to a certain point, and I could find the exact areas that we needed help and work through those. Bypassing the points that we were familiar with already. You receive all grades and lessons once you become a member, which makes it worth the money! You can review past concepts that need more practice or move forward to areas where you need more help as we did.

CTC math is also fantastic for cultivating a self-starter or independent learner. The student can log in on their own and work without mom or teacher holding their hand. It is like having a math tutor or teacher step right into your home to help.

Another perk of using CTC math; parents receive a weekly report on your student’s progress delivered to your email inbox. I find this extremely handy, the email reminds me to look in on her and how she is doing once a week. This feature is helpful for busy parents or parents with multiple students.

CTC offers a FREE trial to their product. I think that speaks volumes about CTC’s confidence in their quality product. You can try before you buy, I love that. Snag your FREE trial here.

CTC offers fantastic tutorials for your students to watch. The graphics and quality design of the tutorial helps solidify the concepts and learning. The tutorials play out step-by-step, and for visual learners, this is a wonderful perk of the program.

Our favorite offering from CTC math was the family membership. The price can’t be beat, for math curricula that covers your entire family. They offer a considerable discount for homeschoolers. 60% Off the regular pricing. Purchase any 12 month membership and receive 6 additional months as a FREE bonus! Check out the 12 Month Family Membership Here.

I am thankful I got the chance to try out such an impressive product. I think you will love it once you give it a try! Start your FREE trial now.

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