Teaching Homeschool Teens the Importance of Managing Money God's Way

Teaching Homeschool Teens the Importance of Managing Money God’s Way

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Teaching Homeschool Teens the Importance of Managing Money God’s Way

If there is anything I love as a homeschool mom, it is teaching my children about something I am passionate about too. I don’t get the same twinkle in my eye when teaching algebra as I do economics or art history. When you get to share a subject with your students that lights you up, it certainly can get them excited too.

I recently discovered The Kindom Code: Make and Manage Money…God’s Way! , a curriculum that is not only about economics but combines the responsibility of money management from a Biblical perspective. I can easily say I am beyond thrilled to have found this curriculum. As an entrepreneur, I think learning the basics of starting your own business is not only exciting, but it lays some foundational groundwork for your children that is priceless.

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Starting your own business entails essential life skills. Like critical thinking and most importantly people skills. I won’t allow my children to leave my home without knowing how to look others in the eye when presenting an offer. I always get a sinking feeling when a child knocks on my door to sell something, yet cannot look me in the eye to tell me about their product or look me directly in the eye as they ask for the sale. I want to cultivate responsible young adults that understand what goes into working for yourself and experiencing the feeling of making that first sale all on their own. The confidence that your child experiences from these real-life skills will stay with them forever.

The other aspect of entrepreneurship that is crucial to learn is what does God tell us to do with the money we make? I love that with homeschooling we can customize our children’s education and add subjects that will apply to real life. As the mother of a thirteen-year-old, I realized I hadn’t yet introduced what the Bible says about money. This curriculum came at the perfect time. My daughter has recently begun taking more paid babysitting jobs, and this was a fantastic catalyst for her to learn responsible money management and business basics.

Benefits of Using the Kingdom Code in Your Homeschool

  • The Kingdom Code lays the perfect foundation for financial principles and sound business practices.
  • The Kingdom Code curriculum is perfect for multiage homeschools. As my oldest completed lessons, my preschool boys enjoyed coloring pages and placing stickers on the “treasure map.” As a homeschool consultant, I can see how large families can benefit from using this curriculum for a wide range of ages.
  • The Kingdom Code is a springboard for so many conversations you need to have with your children anyway. We talked about acquiring college debt, budgeting, and tough topics that otherwise we may have overlooked. Many of the topics are useful refreshers for parents to revisit too.
  • As a homeschool group leader, I think using The Kingdom Code in a co-op setting would be incredibly fun and educational. This curriculum would easily integrate into a group setting and has so many adaptable ideas to further the lessons or adjust for different age ranges.
  • Besides the overall benefit of learning about the responsibility of money, there are just as many wonderful mentions of responsibility in general. The Kingdom Code reminds us to be good stewards of others property, make good decisions, and pray for guidance.
  • The Kingdom Code provides a strong foundational understanding of saving money. Saving is smart, and The Kingdom Code tells us how to save by breaking it down following JOEYS plan. Jesus gets 10%, 5% to Others, 10% goes toward Education, 60% is for You, and Save 15%.
  • The Kingdom Code includes a fantastic selection of essential vocabulary words, activities to practice counting change and to work on budgeting. The curriculum is impressive because it includes so many aspects of various subjects; math, language arts, economics, life skills, and character building all wrapped up into one curricula choice.
  • The Kingdom Code was extremely user-friendly with minimal prep work for the teacher. (Which I love by the way) It was “open and go” for the most part, and that made my job even easier. With multiple children, it’s nice to have curriculum options that you don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing beforehand.
  • The Kingdom Code Complete Starter Kit is perfect for a hands-on student. Your child can elevate their education by applying it to real-life situations. By starting and running a business and everything in-between your student will stay engaged with all the activities and additional options to extend each lesson.

The Kingdom Code is a fun and engaging way to expand your homeschooling options. It is rich in Christian Values and Biblical Principles so you will feel satisfied about the time you spend enjoying this with your children.

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