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Creative Ways to Incorporate Faith Into Your Homeschool Curriculum

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Creative Ways to Incorporate Faith Into Your Homeschool Curriculum

Being able to teach your child in a faith-based homeschool environment is such an amazing gift. While the public school has found ways of filtering out faith and learning in the classroom, the homeschool classroom doesn’t follow the same rules. Talk about another amazing benefit of being able to homeschool!

If you want to start incorporating faith into your homeschool curriculum, you aren’t alone. Parents all over the world also feel this way and this is why many choose to begin homeschooling their child in the first place.

To help you get started in accomplishing your goal, here are a few ways to incorporate faith into your homeschool curriculum.


Creative Ways to Incorporate Faith Into your Homeschool Curriculum

How to Add More Faith Into your Homeschool Curriculum Today

  • Teach about the Bible. If faith and religion play an active role in your home, it’s important for your child to learn about the bible as well. And trust me, there are a ton of teachable moments from the readings of the Bible! While incorporating a faith-aspect to your homeschooling can be an everyday thing, or even a few times of the week isn’t hard to do with all the material to dive into and talk about that’s found in the Bible.
  • Incorporate prayer throughout the school day. When homeschooling your children, you set the rules. If you want to pray before breakfast and lunch then so be it. Prayer is a great way to get started each and every morning on a positive and a thankful note. Take turns during prayer time to talk about the day and everything that you’re thankful for. Saying a prayer is important to connect to your faith, but it’s also a great time to bond and learn about the thoughts and emotions that your child may be having as well. Praying over each homeschool day is also a wise practice.
  • Play games with biblical information. Who doesn’t love to play games? And with all the information available out there, there are a ton of educational and faith-based games that you can play with your child during your homeschooling day. Take a quick peek on Amazon and see what you can find. There are fun games like Children’s Bible Trivia as well as Flash Cards that help your child learn scriptures and versus straight from the Bible! Faith-based learning resources can be found almost anywhere!

  • Choose a Homeschool Curriculum That Focuses on Faith. Did you know that there are entire programs out there that are faith-based for your use? Make certain you do your research about what program works best for you and your families faith, and then plan accordingly. When homeschooling, you have the flexibility to have your entire curriculum be focused around your faith, or sprinkle it in as you see fit. And who says you have to decide one way or the other? You have the option to start out one way and see how it works, and then give the other way a go as well. The whole point of homeschooling is finding a way to teach your child so that it benefits them and their learning needs.
  • Devotionals or Topical Bible Study Together. Devotionals as a family is a fantastic way to include time with God while bonding together. Or study particular character traits in the Bible that you want to work on with your child. We do a lot of Bible studies right alongside our children, here are some of my favorite Bible studies for teens. 
  • Listen to or Watch Bible Stories. Listening to The Story NIV by Zondervan Bibles on Audible is a great way to experience stories of the Bible come to life as a family, or watch the miniseries The Bible to spark deep conversations with your children about God and the Bible. There are also Lamplighter books and audios to enjoy as a family, or other Christian audio book options . Theatrical audio books are great for character training too!


Don’t stress over trying to find ways to incorporate faith into your homeschooling curriculum. There are a ton of different resources out there that can help you do just that. Talk to other homeschool parents that you know, or do your research online.

You may be surprised by just how simple it can actually be to start incorporating more faith into your curriculum. Take each day one at a time, and before you realize it, it will be easier and easier to find faith-based tools and learning materials to introduce to your homeschool classroom!


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