How to Have A Screen Free Summer for Middle Schoolers

How to Have a Screen-Free Summer for Middle Schoolers

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How to Have a Screen-Free Summer for Middle Schoolers

Even though we homeschool year round, we do have a more relaxed routine during the summer. Which often means my middle schooler will ask to watch movies, play video games, or watch an occasional YouTube video. Screen time is ok in moderation, but I want to be intentional about the options available for free time during the summer.

Screen Free Summer

Over the years I have found that by having quality books on hand that are age appropriate and filled with engaging topics for teens and tweens, help my daughter to make good choices with her time. There is satisfaction in watching her reach for a book instead of a screen.

As we prepare our homeschool for lighter summer school, I adjust some items in our learning spaces around the home. I may strew some compelling books near comfy chairs, or strategically place puzzles or board games around.

Secretly encouraging summer reading, and activities that require thinking or manipulating with your hands. The idea is to have options apart from screen time.

How to Have a Screen-Free Summer for Middle Schoolers

Pre-screening Middle School Books and Activities Beforehand

As parents, we have to monitor not only our children’s screen time but what is on the screen. It is crucial that we are checking the contents of the YouTube videos, TV shows, and Video Games. But I have also found the same to be true with books for teens.

We have to be vigilant in reviewing the book’s contents for inappropriate language or innuendos even in our middle school books from the library. Which can be time-consuming especially for a teen that can devour 300-500 pages in a week or two. That’s quite a few pages to scour or check online before they begin reading.

I love ordering books that I can trust without a full investigation beforehand. Sonlight packages age-appropriate books together in a summer reading package for middle school girls or boys to enjoy.

Receiving books that have been pre-screened is a huge time saver for moms; you can rest easy knowing that your child is reading quality subject matter. The material is pure, thought-provoking, and varied.

How to Have a Screen-Free Summer for Middle Schoolers

Not only is it convenient for mom, but my daughter also enjoys the variation in the summer packages. Sonlight mixes up the books with mysteries, history, fantasy tales, and coming of age stories to savor. Having a blend of book genres included creates some excitement for your reader to try something new, and have another book ready for them to try.

Tips for Creating a Screen Free Summer

  • Strew. Place books, board games, and puzzles in cozy spots for browsing.
  • Designated Reading Time. Shut down all the screens and have a designated screen free reading time for the whole family. Everyone grab a book and cuddle up.
  • Outside Reading. Have your children grab a book and pack a picnic and blanket. Head out to the park or the backyard to enjoy reading in the warm sun or under a shade tree. These types of moments will be remembered by your family.
  • Game Night. Choose a weekly night to play a board game as a family instead of watching TV.
  • Road Trip. As you take your summer trips, don’t forget your books! Leave the screens at home and enjoy reading as an alternative to video games or iPads.
  • Book Club. Sonlight’s book packages include perfect options for a Summer book club with your friends or homeschool group. Read a book together and host a book club party to discuss it.
  • Oral Book Reports. Teens love to talk and especially to know you are actively listening. Allow your teen to give you an unofficial oral book report. An oral book report is a fantastic way to bond over reading and the love of books together. I also love that it is hidden education, they learn to speak in front of others, perfect their presentation skills, and think independently.
  • Book Challenge. Challenge your student to read a certain amount of books for leisure over the summer with a reward if completed. Maybe a day trip to their favorite water park or zoo once they hit the required number of reads. Or challenge them to read a book genre they wouldn’t typically read, they might be pleasantly surprised and find new interests.
  • Family Read Aloud. If your teen is still struggling with picking up a book and reading it, read together. Not only does this create wonderful opportunities to discuss various topics, but you will also bond with your student. If we want our children to have good reading habits, we need to exhibit consistent reading as role models. After they get into the habit of reading with you, they just might pick up a book and read for leisure on their own.

I hope you and your middle schooler enjoy the summer with more reading and less screen time!

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    Very good point about the fact that teen who loves to read can read through several lengthy novels making it hard to pre-read the books. I think I was lucky that my mom and Uncle passed along books they had read so they knew what I was reading as a teen.

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