7 Smart Social Skills You Want To Pass Onto Your Kids

7 Smart Social Skills You Want To Pass Onto Your Kids

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7 Smart Social Skills You Want To Pass Onto Your Kids

Your children are the most intuitive people you know, even more so than some of your friends and family. Their inquisitive and intelligent nature needs to constantly be fed with new facts about the world around them. As a homeschooling parent you often feel the pressure to go above and beyond what mainstream schooling does. You know that you have chosen the right path for your child, but you still have thoughts in the back of your mind about the people skills you might want to teach your kids. It’s always good to branch away from the curriculum now and again, in order to give them a real taste of what it’s like to grow up in the real world.

You want your little one to be knowledgeable, compassionate and driven to achieve bigger and better things that you could even imagine. In a typical school environment children might thrive in the classroom, get good grades on their tests and graduate from college, but do they really know about how to act in the real world once they’re set free? The upper hand you have as a homeschooling parent is that you can teach your child whatever they personally need to be taught to become a well rounded human being. Consider these seven smart social skills and incorporate them throughout your yearly activities.

1.Business Brains

How excited would you be if your kid told you they wanted to become a business owner one day? Whether they’ve got the drive to start up their own company or climb up the corporate ladder they are going to need skills to get them going. You might also learn something in the process if you’re a business owner too! Check out Training Connection’s business skills resource and you and your child can learn important skills such as how to handle criticism and workplace etiquette. Wait until your child is a little older to introduce them to this content, but make sure you utilize it for yourself and your business along the way too.

2. Brilliant Bravery

Allowing your child to spread their wings and run freely into the world without feeling anxious or scared is one of the best skills they can learn. Bravery is something they need to be taught from a young age, so that they aren’t afraid of things that can’t harm them.

7 Smart Social Skills You Want To Pass Onto Your Kids

3. Empowering Empathy

Empathy is not an innate feeling that we are all born with; we have to learn what it feels like when somebody else’s feelings are hurt. When children aren’t taught this skill they can easily grow up in their own little bubble and not realize how the people around them are feeling.

4. Caring and Kindness

You want to make sure that you are teaching your child how to care for and look after others. This should be an easy job if they have younger brothers and sisters to help out with. If they are an only child, make sure you schedule regular play dates with their friends, so that they have the opportunity to interact with other children their age. You can teach them to be caring and kind by using baby dolls as an age appropriate example for them.

5. Smart Selflessness

Your little one needs to be taught how to share their toys and other belongings with other people, otherwise they run the risk of becoming a little selfish. It’s totally natural for youngsters to become possessive over their toys, but you can easily use simple ways to teach them how to share and be mindful of other people’s feelings.

6. Street Smarts

Stranger danger is always a hot topic that many parents teach their children, whether they are homeschooled or not. Make sure they are aware of the dangers around them and tell them to always be aware of their surroundings.

7. Amazing Ambitiousness

Ultimately, you want to show your kid that they can reach for the stars and achieve anything they want to. Allow them to set their goals high and pursue whatever type of career they want.

7 Smart Social Skills You Want To Pass Onto Your Kids

Your child has the foundations to achieve anything they want with their lives, so be the driving force behind this at all times. Let them know that there are more important things than good grades and that people skills are invaluable in the grown up world. Yes, you want your child to be book smart, but they will already pick up that skill from your intelligent and methodical teaching structure. Make sure they have every opportunity to thrive when they’re all grown up; they’re never too young to learn the art of social interactions.

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