Easing Into Foreign Language for Homeschool

Easing into Foreign Language for Homeschool

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Easing into Foreign Language for Homeschool

I don’t know about you but adding in a foreign language course to our homeschool gave me just a bit of anxiety. There are days when you feel like you just can’t add another thing to the homeschool routine. However, I know that learning a foreign language holds so much value in multiple ways.

I wasn’t sure how we would fit it in though. Not to mention, it would be another thing to plan.

Easing Into Foreign Language for Homeschool

Maybe my apprehension also stems from my own previous public-school experience; foreign language class was difficult and tedious. Much about the mechanics and very little fun. I thought this would be the same model I would have to teach from. But luckily times have changed and so have the online options for homeschoolers.

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I recently became aware of Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®, and I was pleasantly surprised with all the program has to offer. All the things I worried about were nonexistent when it came to this online Spanish curriculum. Long gone are the days of learning the foreign language grammar and mechanics in a dry and lifeless manner. Of course, those things are essential, but now you can learn a foreign language with an online program that is engaging and visually appealing. There is no better way than using enthusiasm and compelling choices to home educate in my opinion. Education does not have to be boring.

Benefits of Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®:

Online foreign language programs are becoming common ways to educate children at home. Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® is perfect for children who have learning styles that lean towards visual or auditory. The online Spanish lessons are visually stimulating, and the reading & listening activities help reinforce what the students are learning. I loved that the videos and activities were all vibrant and fun! Children are more likely to continue with interactive homeschool programs that they consider fun.

Minimum Prep for Teacher. By using the online Spanish curriculum, there is not much at all for mom to prepare for in advance. Your child can watch the videos, practice with listening & reading activities, and take quizzes all on their own.

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® encourages independent learning. Another reason I love Spanish online and would recommend to my clients is that it supports independent education. Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® is a fantastic program that your student can easily navigate online with little assistance from mom. If you are cultivating independent learning in your homeschool, you will find online foreign language is a seamless fit.

Automatic Self Grading. Another big perk of this program is the self-grading aspect. Your child can efficiently complete an entire level of Spanish curriculum and begin the quizzes afterward. The quizzes grade automatically and save in your account. This makes is easy for the parent to see how things are going and evaluate any levels or specific online lessons you may need to review again to ensure a solid understanding of the Spanish lesson or topic. Your student also has access to the grades on their scorecard. The scorecard is an excellent tool for them to see their progress.

Culture & Geography. Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® has merged the Spanish culture and geography into the homeschool Spanish lessons. We found this extremely helpful. Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® was an incredible catalyst to dive into learning more about the lifestyle or geographical area of the language. They have fun facts and an online Spanish culture quiz to help solidify the understanding of the information presented.

Designed for kids. The presentation of the online homeschool Spanish activities are stimulating. The actors in the videos are kids, acting out day to day events. The rapid review challenges are exciting, much like playing a game. Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® helps with the no-bore aspect of homeschool foreign language. Not every subject has to be just reading a textbook or completing a workbook page. Not that there isn’t a place for that, but this is a homeschool foreign language program that your children will look forward to.

Importance of Learning a Foreign Language:

• Research suggests learning a foreign language also boosts skills such as reading, writing, and focusing. And that improved memory and cognitive skills are results of learning a foreign language in your homeschool like Spanish.
• Learning a foreign language in your homeschool exposes our children to other cultures, traditions, and broadens real-world perspective.
• Learning about other cultures also deepens our empathy and compassion for others.
• Learning a foreign language such as Spanish builds self-confidence.
• Learning a foreign language increases future opportunities in the workforce or ministry.
• The sooner, the better to learn too! Children are encouraged to learn second languages as early as possible to maximize all the benefits.

I highly recommend giving this Homeschool Spanish Curriculum a try! Your students will be excited to learn more. It is one of the most engaging ways for homeschooled children to learn Spanish online currently.

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