How to Peacefully Teach Writing In Your Homeschool

See New Results With This Homeschool Writing Curriculum

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See New Results With This Homeschool Writing Curriculum

If we are honest writing can be a difficult subject to teach. Many of us have experienced stress and even tears during writing. I know we have. My biggest fear in teaching writing is stifling my child’s creative ability to write.

Those of us who have not had a formal education in writing, or that attended public school may be the cause of the stress that ensues during writing in our homeschools.

We may overcorrect and plain suck the fun out of writing. I am guilty of this early on in our homeschooling journey. Luckily I became aware of that and made some shifts in how I teach writing early on.

Writing Curriculum


I love to write, and I want my children to love writing too. To do that, we need to appreciate writing and carefully choose the tools we use to teach our children to write.

I was thrilled to have an opportunity to use Apologia Writers in Residence™ Volume 2 All-In-One Student Text and Workbook and Answer Key, and be able to share with you what a fantastic resource it is. We used Writers in Residence™ Volume 1 before and enjoyed it. Volume 2 Journeyman is just as exciting if not more!

As a homeschool consultant I recommend curriculum often to homeschool families. I love supporting products that can also help parents teach difficult subjects or subjects that they may need a little additional help in presenting.


This writing curriculum is a fantastic resource for your children to learn and appreciate the writing process. Writers in Residence™ Volume 2 All-In-One Student Text and Workbook and Answer Key aids you as the teacher to breathe life into the subject and engage your young writer with peace.

Of course, there are stressful points in homeschooling for you and your student. But by bringing a level of peace into your homeschool and a good method of teaching, you can completely change the atmosphere!

We all crave and desire peaceful homeschools. The right tools can assist us in getting there.

Benefits of Using Writers in Residence™ as Your Homeschool Writing Curriculum

  • 4 Day a Week Schedule with the flexibility to add fun Fridays, Co-op, or field trips into the week. The curriculum could even be used in a group or co-op.
  • The teaching notes are extremely valuable if you need help teaching the subject. Writers in Residence™ has a beautiful teaching philosophy that you will quickly embrace, with principles that encourage authentic writing, viewing writing as an apprenticeship, and understanding the importance of your audience when writing.
  • Writers in Residence™ Volume 2 All-In-One Student Text and Workbook and Answer Key has an overview of their teaching method, writing model, and the writing process that feature the significance of these items in a clear and simplistic manner.
  • The rubrics are not complicated and help you foster writing with encouragement and positive influence.
  • It is an Apologia product, need I say more?

Extra Perks of Writers in Residence™ as a Writing Curriculum

  • The student’s rubric is a fantastic resource for your child to learn how to assess their work, in addition, to improve it on their own.
  • Writers in Residence™ Volume 2 All-In-One Student Text and Workbook and Answer Key is perfect for cultivating independent learning in your homeschool. The lessons are written in a way that your student can comprehend and follow directions with ease.
  • The student text is fun, visually engaging, and far from the boring text that many writing programs offer.
  • I love how your student will reinforce multiple skills in conjunction with writing or grammar. The student text helps your student learn how to research & investigate while reminding them about internet safety.
  • I love any curriculum with a Christian perspective; it further extends our lifestyle and beliefs.
  • Writers in Residence™ Volume 2 All-In-One Student Text and Workbook and Answer Key covers essential topics like plagiarism. Not only explaining what it is but how and why to avoid it.


I love resources that aid me in becoming the best teacher I can be. The better teachers we are, the better we can serve our students and progress past difficult patches of learning.

Your writing curriculum is a tool, and like any good homeschool mom, I want excellent tools to help cultivate a peaceful homeschool atmosphere.

We highly recommend Apologia Writers in Residence™ for peacefully teaching and learning homeschool writing.


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