Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum • English Communication Skills

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum • English Communication Skills

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Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum • English Communication Skills

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As a busy homeschool mom and homeschool consultant, I always advocate for options that encourage independent learning. Just like most families, we have multiple learners in various stages of their educations, and it is essential that I can work with some of my children while others work on their own. After having my two youngest, I knew that I had to cultivate an environment that my oldest could continue to flourish in her studies as well as her independence.

Choosing the right homeschool curriculum is an essential factor when it comes to creating an independent learner. The curriculum needs to be challenging yet also be simplistic enough for the student to follow on their own.

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum • English Communication Skills

My middle school aged daughter is an imaginative student who enjoys writing and storytelling but still struggles with the rules of grammar. Not only are the rules of grammar a concern for me as my daughter is maturing, but general communication is critical. As our children grow in age, we also want their communication skills to develop. The closer to adults they become the more we should solidify the skills they possess to communicate as an adult. Communication is essential to life skills, college preparation, and entering the workforce at any level.

Also like most homeschool families, we worry if we have missed something. We question have we done enough? Have we covered it all? It is highly likely that we will discover gaps in our children’s’ education at times. Not because we are ill-equipped teachers, but because it can happen. We are human; our children are human. Our students have strengths and weaknesses within their educational careers, and different seasons bring different outcomes.

In our experience, our daughter had a few gaps in the subject of English. Nothing major, but as I mentioned before I want to solidify her knowledge of English as a whole. We curriculum hopped through a few English programs between 3rd and 5th grades, during some life seasonal changes. Through that, and not having a Language Arts program we loved at the time and embraced, we ended up with a few gaps.

Interestingly enough Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum has the perfect solution if you are experiencing a similar situation in your homeschool. I was delighted to discover Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum’s English Communication Skills Kit. It was like they had read my mind when creating this homeschool curriculum.

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum • English Communication Skills

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum Reinforces Independent Learning

  • The curriculum is designed to open and use, and clear enough for your student to easily follow independently.
  • The lessons are packed full of essential information, but also concise. Just the right balance to learn independently without the course or required work becoming daunting for your child.
  • There is no guesswork within PAC English Communication Skills course. Unlike other programs that leave the student lost within grammar rules, PAC is direct with bold text for defining and clear understanding of fundamental rules and definitions.

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum Benefits for Any Homeschool Family

  • As your middle school or high school student learns independently, you are freed up to work with another student.
  • You will enjoy knowing that your child is not only studying English but each story used in the curriculum points back to developing good character, the importance of life choices and quality values with a life principle.
  • English Communication Skills is entirely a no-prep required course. That is a big plus in my book when I don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing the lessons in advance. The teacher’s resource kit is easy to navigate.
  • English Communication Skills is designed for 7th-grade instruction, or up through 12th grade to fill the gaps that may have been missed somewhere along your homeschooling journey.
  • If you choose to use English Communication Skills as a high school course, it is worth one transcript credit.
  • This curriculum is perfect for families that want to solidify their children’s foundation in English Communication Skills, and for families that are cultivating independent learners in their homeschools.

What’s Included in PAC English Communication Skills

The course includes 5 chapters and 5 companion student activity books.  75 lessons,15 quizzes, and 5 chapter tests to cover the fundamentals of oral and written communication in the English language. A Teacher’s Resource Kit that contains answer keys and a few fantastic homeschool resources such as a Transcript Planner, an Academic Goal Chart, and an Academic Contract.

You have the option to purchase in print or digital download. You can look into the scope and sequence, and also peek at activity and text samples here. PAC also offers audio-enhanced and online interactive courses as well; this comes in handy for various learning styles.

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