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The Best Homeschool Art Curriculum for the Money

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The Best Homeschool Art Curriculum for the Money

I have a super creative child who enjoys art and working with her hands. She could create all day long. But like any artist she needs inspiration. Unfortunately, I do not carry the same creative gene when it comes to art. Looking at art and enjoying it is one thing, but I am one of those moms who does need to be in the right “mood” to get my artistic juices flowing.

We have tried so many different online, in-person, and DVD homeschool art curriculum over the past decade that I want to share with you which homeschool art classes I think bring the best value – especially if you are homeschooling multiple children.

Art classes can get pricey, and your expenses can add up quickly if you are driving your student back and forth each week.

homeschool art curriculum

homeschool art classes

So here was our problem with art curriculum at home; I don’t have enough ideas and options to keep up with her creative rhythm. We certainly don’t want to stifle what she finds inspiring and motivates her to engage with her artistic side.

But I can’t plan and come up with enough ideas to keep her art project queue full. That can be time-consuming, and I have other children to homeschool and work part-time from home.

Online Art Studio for Creative Homeschool Children

We don’t have the additional time or resources to send her to another class outside of the home. That involves too much time driving to and from, and I didn’t want another weekly commitment.

But, we found an excellent solution! An online homeschool art curriculum called  Masterpiece Society. I can not tell you what a difference this has made for us in our homeschool.

Online Art Studio for Creative Homeschool Children

My husband and I are committed to fostering our children’s interests, gifts, and things that they are passionately drawn to. My daughter excels with anything hands on and I want her to have opportunities to flourish in those areas. Art, sewing, and baking are her favorite past times.

Homeschool Art Curriculum For The Artistically Challenged Parent

Benefits of Masterpiece Society Studio Homeschool Art Curriculum

  • My oldest child can log in to the program at our convenience. Pick and choose what we decide she should work on for that day or allotted time.
  • She has enjoyed navigating the program all on her own; it is incredibly user-friendly and set up in a way that your child can work through the lessons without you — freeing you up to work with other children. She actually will choose to get into Masterpiece Society Studio in her free-time too.
  • This art program is for you if you want a “set it and forget it” approach. You can purchase the plan, and necessary supplies for each project (most items are probably in your homeschool supplies already) and your child can be busy every day with something new. There are enough projects to keep your lesson plans full for a full school year or semester. Depending on how often you do art.
  • It’s like having an art teacher come to your home for private lessons at your convenience!

Online Art Studio for Creative Homeschool Children

Ready to Check Out  Masterpiece Art Society? Visit Here!

I recommend the annual membership; you will gain access to all of the following:

Mixing with the Masters Volume 1 & 2

Create & Connect for Moms

Step By Step Drawing Pre-K – 2nd

Coloring Pages for Preschoolers

Summer Mixed Media Workshop

Playful Pet Portraits Mixed Media Workshop

Springtime Splendor Mixed Media Workshop

The Art of Fall Mixed Media Workshop

Valentine’s Day Mixed Media Workshop

Winter Wonderland Mixed Media Workshop

Drawing 101

Water Colors 101

Acrylics & Oils


Recently Added – Pre-K – 2nd Art Tutorials

If you would like to see another post that I wrote about Masterpiece Society Studio’s homeschool art curriculum, check it out here.

Homeschool Art Curriculum For The Artistically Challenged Parent
We invested $10 for acrylic paints, use an old towel, and a plastic deviled egg tray for paints; so don’t be fooled into thinking the supplies or set up will cost too much.

If the Masterpiece Society Studio Annual Membership isn’t for you, try purchasing projects a la carte to enjoy!

Join Masterpiece Society Studio Now

homeschool art classes

Masterpiece Society Studio


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