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Announcing Quality Complete Homeschool Curriculum at

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Announcing Quality Complete Homeschool Curriculum at

It’s inevitable that at some point as homeschool parents we have to get serious about the future of our children. One day they will focus on pursuing their adult careers and for many off to college. I want to pretend that is far far away, but the truth is it is not. I have a daughter currently in 9th grade.

Many things have advanced regarding educational opportunities for homeschoolers, and the ability to utilize CLEP exams in exchange for college credit is becoming extremely popular among homeschool families.

I recently have had the privilege of trying out’s CLEP Test Product, and I am beyond excited to share with you what I have discovered.

Even if you aren’t ready for CLEP tests yet, keep reading because I just updated this post with’s latest homeschool program. You will definitely want to hear about it, it’s a complete homeschool curriculum!

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An Overview of’s CLEP Test Prep Product makes it simple for your homeschool student to prepare for a variety of CLEP exams to ensure that your student will pass with flying colors. Provided that your student diligently studies. They have created a program that sets your student up for success!

Immediately upon logging into the dashboard, I was impressed with the simplicity of the layout. Everything is extremely easy to navigate and locate what you are looking for.

The options available for you to study go way beyond the CLEP test prep by the way; as a homeschooling family that has a deep appreciation for education, there is a lot you can consume within But regarding CLEP specifically you could find CLEP Prep for 30 courses ranging in; Business, Literature, Composition, Foreign Language, Math, Science, History and Social Sciences.

Once you choose your course, you can get right to work. allows you to set a preferred finish date if you would like to be prompted with text messages, which I thought was fantastic! I love anything that gives a courtesy reminder and helps keep you on track.

All the courses are self-paced, you can ambitiously dive in or take your time, depending on what type of student you are. I also found it handy to see right up front, how many lessons this course had and approximately how long each one was. That is extremely helpful if you need to manage your time well.

You are given a general overview of the course, the course syllabus, and you can even access a placement test if you choose, to test out of material you may already know.

As you work on the placement tests, I love the encouraging green announcements that you had mastered a concept. That helps you stay motivated to keep progressing forward.

You also can access your dashboard at any time to see your overall course progress, see what areas you have mastered, and what other areas you can continue to study.’s CLEP Test Prep Product has multiple resources included to advance you forward within your chosen course, such as easy to understand videos, quizzes, CLEP practice tests, and text transcripts.

You can receive emails reminding you to keep up with your progress, and suggestions for what chapters you need to complete the upcoming week to get back on track in case you have slacked off the previous week.

Benefits of’s CLEP Test Prep Product

To be able to prep for such an important test is truly invaluable, and to be able to do it from home at your own pace is also of great value to my family. We love nothing more than studying from the comfort of our home in our homeschooling uniforms (pajamas of course!) CLEP Test Prep Review for Homeschool Students

Another prominent benefit is the help you receive from to be prepared for exams that can give you college credits in exchange for the passing grade. As a homeschool family, saving for multiple kiddos to attend college can feel impossible at times. So to know that you can affordably study and prepare for CLEP with CLEP test prep, to obtain college credits by taking these exams is comforting.

Using’s CLEP Test Prep Product is another extension of homeschooling. Most families can relate that home education is one of the best decisions that they have ever made, and if you are anything like our family; we will hang on to home education for as long as we possibly can.

AND… Offers Complete Homeschool Curriculum Now!

For homeschool families you don’t want to miss out on hearing about’s latest addition – an Online Complete Homeschool Curriculum! is a wonderful place to look for complete homeschool curriculum. They offer a new online homeschool option for 3rd through 12th grade.

Even More Complete Homeschool Curriculum Benefits Worth Mentioning

  • With over 25,000 lessons to choose from you can still customize your child’s curriculum to fit your family and lifestyle.
  • Automatically graded tests and quizzes.
  • On-demand help from experts!
  • Progress reports and goal tracking.
  • Affordable monthly or annual plans.
  • Choose classes by grade or subject.
  • Flexible enough for all learning styles.
  • Learn and keep track on the go with their mobile app.
  • College credits available with the college accelerator option.

What are you waiting for? Go check out the new homeschool options at now! Use my link to save 25% OFF your first month!


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