Study Christmas & Holiday Traditions from All Over the World

Study Christmas & Holiday Traditions from All Over the World

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One thing I love about the holiday season is incorporating studies into our homeschool that we don’t normally get to do. That includes curricula outside of our normal routine. It helps to continue to cultivate a love of learning, and add in some fun activities from time to time. Not to mention, break up the usual and sometimes mundane of our homeschool.

So when I heard about Christmas Around the World from the Awe Filled Homemaker, I knew I had to share with all of you!

This study is such an entertaining way to continue the learning through the holiday season. Most children are naturally curious about other cultures, and this study delivers. It covers 20 countries and their Christmas traditions. Learning about the differences between the cultures of these countries was genuinely fascinating. It will keep your children engaged and curious for more!

Study Christmas & Holiday Traditions From All Over the World
This study not only covers the traditions of 20 countries, but also touches on advent, St Nicholas, and the Birth of Christ. We have enjoyed working through it as a family; even my youngest learners are intrigued by all the interesting facts and traditions.

I encourage you to enjoy this study in your homeschool with the entire family. To add to the fun, you will receive a passport that includes stamps to all the countries your children will “visit.”

Ideas to Enhance the Study:

• Bake or Cook Holiday Recipes from Each Country
• Find Each Country in the Atlas or Maps to Reinforce Mapping Skills
• Create a Keepsake Workbook to Gift the Grandparents or Keep
• Allow the Children to Create an Oral Presentation to Share with the Whole Family
• Laminate the Passports to Make Them More “Official”

I hope your family enjoys this study as much as we have. Of course, you can do this study anytime, but it is also conveniently set up to do one small portion a day for 24 days to lead right up to Christmas. I love it when something is already prepped and planned out! Just purchase and print! Buy once and use year after year.

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  1. Thea

    Cant wait to get started on the “Christmas around the world” unit study. Thank-you

  2. How fun! I took my family to Guatemala where I grew up this past summer, and it really opened their eyes. I lived in England for 3 years, too, so Christmas for me is a mixture of cultures.

  3. shannon fowler

    This is excellent. Thank you so much for putting this together. This is perfect for the holiday season.

  4. This looks like so much fun. Even with my kids not being homeschooled this would be something that I would do on the weekends with them how amazing!

      1. Texas Momma

        Thanks for sharing! This will go perfectly with our geography study this year!

  5. Barrie

    What a wonderful thing to teach kids. As an adult, I’d enjoy learning this too!

  6. Kari Barone

    My son enjoys studying Christmas traditions around the world. He likes to look up each country individually on an online Page that teaches about a number of countries and their unique traditions. This learning package looks amazingly well put together!

  7. Lisa Queen

    I love this! I help my daughter a good bit with her homeschooling. She has 3 children. This will be fun. Thank y ou!

  8. Stefania Manzaroli

    I loved that my Religion teacher in High School made me study all the Religions of the World and I was in a Catholic School! I always found it funny because in the Public School they only study Catholic Religion!

  9. Michelle Martin

    This is a great post! Thank you for the printables! I’ve wanted to try Passport but was a little leary.

  10. Stephanie M Brown

    We did this last year and are doing it again this year, with different countries. My kids really enjoy learning about how people celebrate Christmas in different countries…their favorite is Japan and the fact that they eat KFC for their main meal 🙂

  11. Rachel Cacciamani

    These Christmas activities look great. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Joscelyne Hilton

    I’m going to start this next week as a little break from the three R’s for my daughter.

  13. Judith Martinez

    I love the Christmas wish list! That is such a neat twist on the traditional wish list.

  14. Carol E Burns

    This is absolutely awesome!! I’m going to tell my SIL about it for her to use with my nephews next year!

  15. elcane desir

    its always nice learning how other countries celebrate

  16. Sarah Bowling

    I love this! Need to remember it for next year.

  17. Amber Terry

    I really love the idea of learning how other cultures experience Christmas! It’s fascinating to see something familiar through a different lens 🙂

  18. Stephanie

    I love the idea of studying different countries’ traditions with the 2nd generation of homeschoolers here. This is a priceless resource, and I thank you greatly for it!

  19. Jennifer Solomon

    We love learning about traditions for other countries!! We did Christmas desserts around the world a year or 2 ago!

  20. Alesha

    We live in a very diverse community and my daughter’s old school has people from all over the world. What a fun idea to learn about how others celebrate Christmas, to expand understanding of other cultures!

  21. Wow! This is so cool! I need to save this when I have grandchildren!!! My kids are older and I am homeschooling my last child for the last time this year.

    1. Thanks Holly! Bittersweet this year I bet with the last one homeschooling. But yes, grandkids will love to do this study with grandparents too, that is so sweet.

  22. Amimul Ahsan

    Wow looks like having so much fun at Christmas. I loved your ideas #2 and #4.

  23. Lindsay A.

    Oh gosh, what a wonderful resource, & I loved the ideas you included to enhance the study! Thank you so much for sharing this!

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