holiday planner printables

Holiday Planner Printables That Will Help You Organize

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Holiday Planner Printables That Will Help You Organize

Do you feel like every holiday season passes you by, and you never get to do all those fun activities you daydreamed you would do? If you are like me, I would have grand plans for all the crafts, meals, and events. But life doesn’t slow down, and before I know it, we actually did maybe one or two of the things I wanted my children to enjoy. #momguilt Right?

There was a time when I didn’t have a holiday game plan, and as soon as January would come, I would feel regret about all the things we didn’t get to do. Usually, it was due to my lack of preparedness. About five years ago, I decided I didn’t want to feel that way again. Since then, I have been deliberate about making plans and prepping ahead of time.

I use these simple holiday planner printables that I will share with you here today to spark ideas and intentionality each year. They contain some thought-provoking yet straightforward questions to help keep me headed in the right direction.

How to Be Intentional About Creating a Holiday Plan for Your Family

Now let me quickly clarify I am not trying to set up Christmas lights coordinated to holiday music outside of my home, prepare elaborate decorations, or host a holiday party for 50.

No way, I am merely trying to choose the right blend of events, advent, and memorable moments. I want my children to enjoy the holiday heritage I am cultivating within my family. So for us, that means simple moments by the fire with hot cocoa, some crafting, service to others, and focusing on advent and the real reason to celebrate.

I don’t want to overwhelm our schedule because peace is the priority. I generally do the same things each year. But I have found my groove, and we are creating opportunities to love one another, serve others, and glorify our God through it all.

A Gentle Advent is a wonderful product to use in your homeschool for the Holidays. Enjoy scripture copy work for mom and children, handicrafts, and creating intentional connections with your family.

By using these holiday planner printables every fall, it helps me focus on the main things I want to accomplish through the holiday season.

• Jot down a general plan.
• Use it as a means to evaluate years past and make necessary tweaks.
• Create a running list of my ideas for family connection.

I recently hosted our local homeschool group’s monthly mom’s meeting. I spoke about being intentional during the holidays and the heritage you want to create for your children. We get to chat and share ideas on being intentional about creating a holiday plan for your family.

We did a “show and tell” of sorts where each mom shared an idea or tradition. Ways in which she is cultivating a heritage that her children will remember from their childhood. And in the hopes that some of these traditions will be carried on. I host this meeting every year, and each year it helps keep me personally accountable to be prepared for the holidays, but more than that, I get to hear these women share such sweet and intentional ideas that we as mommas love to do for our families. Hosting a holiday tradition show & tell – is an excellent idea to incorporate into your local homeschool group if you have one by the way.

I hope you can use this printable to help you get ahead and be intentional about your holidays. I will also share a shortlist of ideas I have heard over the years leading these Holiday Heritage meetings to give you some creative spark.

Check Out Rooted Childhood for Ideas to Connect with Your Family Through the Seasons

Combining Homeschool and Family Lifestyle for a Natural Approach to Education

Ideas for creating a holiday heritage in your home:

  • Baking traditional recipes, or baking with family & friends.
  • Baking for others, with the intent to distribute.
  • Holiday cookies. A must.
  • Tree picking.
  • Tree decorating.
  • Ornament traditions, ex. Pick one new ornament to reflect an accomplishment, milestone or travel ornaments for each child.
  • Thankful jars, pumpkins, or placemats on Thanksgiving.
  • Organizing a family service project to serve others.
  • Decorating stockings.
  • Meal traditions.
  • Invite someone each year to your family meal who doesn’t have a place to go.
  • Advent.
  • Crafting, sewing, all types of handmade gifts.
  • Handmade cards.
  • Use creative ways to tie in your ancestry or cultural history.
  • Gingerbread houses.
  • Movies & books that become holiday traditions.
  • Special Christmas Eve gifts. Each year my children get one gift on Christmas Eve, and it includes a hot cocoa mug, Christmas PJs, and a book.
  • Verbal or written shares of what you are thankful for.
  • Verbal or written share of the past year’s highs, lows, and blessings.

I hope my holiday planner printables inspire you to create a holiday plan, no matter how simple or elaborate. It’s a beautiful opportunity to choose what traditions & heritage your family will someday pass down.

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Holiday Planning Printables

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  1. Ooooooooo, this is awesome! I have those same regrets every January! Hubby and I were just talking about being more intentional this year and this will help so much! Thank you, Courtney! 🙂

  2. Caitlyn

    This is a great idea for getting organized during the holidays.

  3. Carol

    Thanks for the printables! I feel those regrets every year! It seems like I just try to do “all the things” and end up exhausted and stressed. Here’s to being more intentional!

  4. Laura

    As a middle child, I kind of “fell in” with whatever the family was doing. Now as the mama, I realize I (with hubby) get -and NEED – to choose what elements will be part of our Advent season. Thanks!

    1. Oh Laura that is an aspect of family I hadn’t considered. Thank you for sharing that! Yay for new traditions and carving your own holiday heritage out 😉

  5. Kimberly

    Thanks for the ideas. It’s a good idea to start in October; I’m guilty of getting to December and then thinking…oops…should’ve started sooner!

  6. Lisa Joy Starr

    You would think after 29 years of marriage and 23 of those I have been homeschooling, that I would have some kind of plan to follow for the holidays, but nope I do not. Next year things I hope will be different, after taking some of these ideas and putting them to action.

    Lisa Joy Starr

  7. Amy

    What a thoughtful post. Thank you for the reminder to be intentional about the holidays! I needed that today.

  8. Marcia

    I love what you said about peace as a priority! Yes! And serving and loving one another to glorify God during this time, YES! That’s not easy -or even possible if we’re too busy. Thanks for sharing.

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