How We Use Audiobooks for Character Training in Our Homeschool

How We Use Audiobooks for Character Training in Our Homeschool

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If you have ever had a hard time bringing up difficult topics to your children, let me introduce you to audiobooks. Character training can certainly be tough! But I have found that with the right tools you can introduce a topic to your children and ease into a conversation seamlessly.

How We Use Audiobooks for Character Training in Our Homeschool

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It can be complicated when trying to approach our children about friendships, problems of the heart, bullying, and all types of situations that they will someday face; some sooner than later. But most of all we want our children to be prepared in a sense, rather than blind sighted by life’s complications.

By using Christian audiobooks as a tool, we can hear another’s story as a family and just wait for the discussion to ensue. It’s much easier than directly approaching our children sometimes, which may leave them more in a defensive or closed off state when asking questions. By using Christian stories as a tool, you can gradually open the door to a conversation that they are more willing to chat with you openly about.

How we use audiobooks for character training in our homeschool
Sometimes you need to sit on the desk with a snack and listen to your audiobook!


We love Adventures in Odyssey for this exact reason! You can find all sorts of topical material to use, since Focus on the Family presents Adventures in Odyssey they tackle all the tough topics in story form; you will laugh…a lot, cry, and feel altogether as a family.

Adventures in Odyssey for the Whole Family

With an almost 12 year old and two preschoolers it’s not easy to find audio CDs that we can all listen to and enjoy together. We used the new “Up in the Air” audio, and it sparked some beautiful conversation about friendship with my oldest, and as most of you know anything that you can use to talk to your teens and tweens is priceless. My younger two really enjoyed it too, the dramatic story telling of these audios engages children of all ages.

The Up in the Air CD provides two full hours of audio entertainment, with six different stories; each with a different topical theme. These are not only fantastic for sparking conversations and thought-provoking questions from your children, but a life saver on a road trip too! I highly recommend using these with the family while doing a hands-on activity; my children love to hear an audio while they are all coloring, working with play-doh, or some easy craft while they listen.

How We Use Audio Books for Character Training in Our Homeschool

The Up in the Air audio is #63 of the Adventures in Odyssey collection, click here to purchase. You can find all of their audios, videos, and books here.

You can also follow them on twitter and on facebook to know when new products become available and see what fun projects they are creating.

I hope I have encouraged you to try some audio time with your family. This is a wonderful replacement for tv or tablet time for your children. I don’t know about you, but these days I love quality family products that I don’t have to screen ahead of time, with Adventures in Odyssey you know it will be not only appropriate for all of your children but super entertaining as well.

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  1. Sarah G

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’m looking for things to take on a road trip. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I am due with our next blessing in February and I will definitely be looking to incorporate audio books for those first few months to keep us on track, thanks!

  3. Monica

    We LOVE Adventures in Odyssey and are huge fans of audio books. Whenever we have time to spend in the car we are listening to something.

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