How To Successfully Choose and Embrace The Right Homeschool Philosophy

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If you are reading this post, it is highly likely that you are in search of a homeschool philosophy to embrace. I am excited for you and also have some excellent tips and resources to share with you on the matter.

How To Successfully Choose and Embrace The Right Homeschool Philosophy

As a homeschool consultant, I have assisted many families to choose homeschool philosophies. And I prefer the word “Embrace” for a reason, I don’t just want them to find a philosophy or style they like, and I don’t want them to choose a style they want but can’t stick with for the long haul. The end goal is to find a homeschool philosophy that your entire family can embrace with ease. One that fits your personality and your homeschool like a glove.

That takes a bit of time and research, so never rush to choose a philosophy. I have done the footwork for you here and have a goldmine of resources for you to check out. But, how will you know which one is the right one?

How To Successfully Choose and Embrace The Right Homeschool Philosophy

Consider the Following When Choosing The Right Method for Your Family:

Time – What kind of time do you have to plan and prepare lessons?

Family – Does this style encompass our family lifestyle, values, and feels like the right fit for us? If it feels forced, or you are doing it because that’s what your friend does; you may not be customizing your homeschool to YOUR unique family.

Season – Find one that has flexibility in the seasons. What I mean by that is if you have littles and infants you may have less time to plan through this season physically. You may want to consider a style that allows for flexibility in learning through play, games, or read alouds. Be realistic about what you know you can take on.

Children – Never try to choose a different philosophy for each child, that will cause undue stress on yourself trying to keep up. It’s best to blend a style or two if you feel drawn to more than one philosophy. You might also want to try methods that you know would appeal to your learners and their learning styles.

Personality – Your own personality should NOT be overlooked, mommas! Use your strengths to your benefit and consider your weaknesses when you choose a style or home education method. You want to mesh well with the right style, not pick one that is difficult for you to maintain.


Choosing a homeschool philosophy to embrace is a foundational step to setting up your homeschool for success, so take your time and research. Be realistic and intentional. We are choosing a method or style that will evoke peace, a love of learning, and continue to cultivate the overall family goals.

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I hope that this gives you some wonderful insight into choosing a philosophy, if you still need assistance or feel overwhelmed by all of the choices I encourage you to use our tools here at Grace, Grow & Edify for parents in all stages of homeschooling.


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    1. Thank you Nadine! Thanks for participating also, it’s so beneficial for families to hear various experiences isn’t it!

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