Top 5 Tips for the Highly Effective Homeschool Mom In YOU

Top 5 Tips for the Highly Effective Homeschool Mom In YOU

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Hi Friends,

As a homeschool consultant I often assist homeschool moms who feel overwhelmed and often times drowning in their responsibilities. We have so many tasks, multiple children, and items during each day that require action from us or attention. It becomes so difficult to keep up with, especially in differing seasons. This is a completely normal feeling for homeschool moms, and we should not feel alone in this because it plagues most of us.

Top 5 Tips for the Highly Effective Homeschool Mom In YOU

Our natural response to the overwhelm is to shut down and not do anything because fixing it or getting a handle on it seems too tall a mountain to climb. The other usual response is to continue moving forward, yet at a slow and disgruntled pace. We become aggravated with our circumstance or situation, and we don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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So I want to give you our top 5 tips for the highly effective homeschool mom that is inside YOU! I know for so many this can feel like a struggle, but I have seen so many moms take charge in this area and overcome the overwhelm and get to a level of organization that they can manage well.

Can I share with you? By making some simple tweaks in your day, routines, or processes we can create a HUGE impact on our homeschools.

  1. It’s Mental! Do you know how many moms think they aren’t organized, they aren’t good at homemaking, or they simply can’t “get it together”?  The first thing we need to do if that is you, is realize there is nothing you can’t do or be. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true. With enough effort, desire, and commitment we moms can do ANYTHING! Go back and visualize how far you have come in your journey of motherhood or homeschooling. If you got to where you are now, clearly you can accomplish things so don’t let your mental state or negative thoughts tell you that you are doomed to forever stay in your current state of circumstance. Make a choice and commit to it, it’s just like that diet. If we want to lose 10 lbs we have to commit, make changes, and stick with them.
  2. It’s Up To You! So this one is funny because it is so obvious, yet we all do this to ourselves at some point. Are you in control of your day? Your calendar? Your schedule? If you say yes, I am in control of those things…then it’s you! If your schedule is crammed packed, if you can’t get a handle on the housework because you are gone all the time, if you feel overwhelmed then change your schedule. Simple. Say no, I can not commit to that. Evaluate your calendar, and your commitments. Are you committing to things that really benefit the family as a whole? Or are you committed to some events that are not bringing joy but feeling like obligations that you wished you didn’t have? Did you say yes too many times? We have to be in control of our calendars in a responsible way. Committing to too many things can be causing havoc on your home or family. So it’s up to you, you can control what your schedule looks like.
  3. Combine! Your home and homeschool, they are essentially one. By trying to separate them we make it more complicated than necessary. So when creating plans, routines, and processes it only make sense for them to encompass the entire HOME + SCHOOL. When you are planning your homeschool day or year for that matter, incorporate cooking, meal times, chores, and household family projects. There are many ways to do this, but pick a day per week or per month where the family as a whole tackles the cleaning out of the closets or whatever project it is that needs to be done. This IS homeschool. Family projects or household chores can be life skills, character training, problem solving, learning to follow directions, and so much more. So don’t try to separate your homeschool from the home, embrace the idea that they are learning in everything they do.Top 5 Tips for the Highly Effective Homeschool Mom In YOU
  4. Create What You Need! I use to catch myself wishing I had time to do this or that. Wishing I had a day to “get organized” and it’s silly because I CAN create that. I have all my clients X out a day per month (at least) on the calendar that will be their “Teacher In Service” day. On this day you can catch up on lesson planning, prepping, grading papers, organizing, writing meal plans, or whatever it is that you need. The kids get a free day or you can have activities set aside for them, preferably things they don’t normally get to do or play with, but that requires little involvement on your part. The whole day is used for you to catch up on, organize or plan for whatever needs your attention. I personally use the last day of every month, and I set up the new month’s meal plans and calendar for the family. I catch up on any of my teacher duties that need attention, and I get to go into the new month ready and organized. So you need to create the time you need to stay organized, that is why X-ing out this day on my calendar and planning for it is essential to making it actually happen.
  5. Commitment! I use a diet as an example when we need to make changes, because it is similar to saying I need to make a lifestyle change with my eating habits long term. The same goes for anything that we want to cultivate in our homes/homeschools. If I want to lose weight I have to eat better consistently, if I want the pounds to stay off then I can’t go back to eating junk or the weight comes back. So the same commitment and consistency is required if you want organization, routine, and peace within the home. Peace comes with creating these routines and tweaks that will allow for the home to run smoothly. But in order for this to continue we have to maintain the long term habits it requires.

We all have a highly effective homeschool mom inside! It just takes effort, being good stewards of our time, and commitment.

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