Host a Back to Homeschool Group Party & FREE Printables

Host a Back to Homeschool Group Party & FREE Printables

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Since we started our homeschool group in 2013, we have hosted an annual “Back to Homeschool Bowling Party,” and the kids love it! So I am thrilled to chat with you about how you can host a back to homeschool group party and share our FREE printables with you!

Host a “Back to Homeschool” Group Party & FREE Printables

This overview is just an example of how we do it, but these printables could be used for all types of Back to Homeschool Party Events. You could do a park party, roller skating party, or arts & craft party. I love bringing people together, so the possibilities are endless! Be creative & have fun.

Host a Back to Homeschool Group Party & Free Printables

We usually have approximately 40-50 participating kids each year, and since it is our 1st event of the homeschool year, we group the children in each lane by age. Grouping them together is an excellent way for them to get to meet some other children in their age range early on. It is also a fantastic confidence booster for the children to make a connection quickly and they will look forward to coming back.

Each table has a sign on it to help direct families to the right area and age group.  Below you can get the tables signs today FREE, along with our hand held signs for photo ops. If you have read any of my previous posts you guys know I love organized events, and I love that we get to provide a fun kick-off to the new homeschool year for our local homeschool community.



Our Age Groups:

  • PreK & Under
  • 5-7
  • 8-11
  • 12-15

We bowl for 1.5 hours, and as the kiddos are bowling, we also offer photo ops so our moms have those cute little pics that everyone else will be posting during the back to school season on social media. Ours are slightly different, but since each homeschooler starts on a different day, this is still a great way to capture the beginning of the year.

Choose an area at your party or event where your guests can take photos of their children holding the appropriate “grade” sign. Encourage families in advance to bring their cameras, and also if they want to dress accordingly for photos, they are prepared.


I am giving you access to our entire printable package. The printable pack includes Pre-K through 12th grade. (Yes, 12th grade, we never want to leave anyone out) If you have a homeschool group, this would be perfect, or get some of your homeschool friends together and host a fun party! Get the kids excited to get back into the groove of things, and meet some new friends.

We took our printables and glued them on construction paper to make them pop a little! The added construction paper also helps when holding the sign up for photos, the printable glued to construction paper gives it just the right structure and weight.


Lastly for their favorite part…cupcakes! Every year we have cupcakes, because what is a party without cake friends?
I hope you enjoy our FREE Printables. Send us your Back to Homeschool Party Photos; we would love to see them!

Here is the link to Download the Entire Party Printable Pack!






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