Inspiring “Show Your Space” Homeschool Rooms Tour

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, back to homeschool mode. I love the rearranging and organizing of books and homeschool spaces. I am a planner and organizer at heart, so this time of the homeschool year brings me great joy and can be a lot of fun.

It’s even more exciting that I get to share with you some of my favorite homeschool blogger’s personal learning spaces in our:

Inspiring Show Your Space Homeschool Rooms Tour

Inspiring "Show Your Space" Homeschool Rooms Tour

Yes, they are opening up their areas for us to look at, and I have found that this always gives me ideas and inspiration to peek into how others set up their spaces. So I know you will get some fantastic ideas and inspiration too! I know I can’t be the only one who enjoys peeking into another momma’s homeschool room.

Our Homeschool Classroom Here at Grace, Grow & Edify 2018-2019 – Photos Below

Our Homeschool Classroom Here at Grace, Grow & Edify 2016-2017

Here is another peek into a great space! I love how she has great wall space for visuals and has the desk set up for everyone to work in a “community” style area.

Visit Called To Mothering


Here is another excellent resource for ideas and organization in your homeschool room, I love how she “hides the clutter” with IKEA baskets! Genius.

Visit Hodgepodge

You guys need to check out Hodgepodge, she has multiple posts with homeschool room makeovers, how to organize learning spaces in the children’s bedrooms, and so much more!  She even has a super cool tour on Instagram, check it out!


Another homeschool mom shows how she uses the dining space for maximum family and homeschool use. It is super convenient to be in the center of the home, and utilize the area the way she does!

Visit Mommy’s Little Learners

Here is another fantastic use of space and so frugal too! Love the bright colors, and the way she repurposes items. You have to check this one out, a lot of great photos.

Radical Christian Woman


I hope that you enjoy peeking into some of these spaces as much as I have. I thank all the women that allowed me to share their posts and pictures, and I know you will be inspired. Happy rearranging.

It also looks like IKEA is where it’s at, just saying.



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    I absolutely love your space! I love how organized it is!

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