Why New Homeschool Moms Need A Mentor

Why New Homeschool Moms Need A Mentor

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Why New Homeschool Moms Need A Mentor

A decade ago when I began homeschooling it wasn’t like it is today. If you are new to homeschooling, you have access to so much information, which can be good and bad. It’s almost an overwhelmingly amount of information. When I mentally go back to when we began our journey, I recall often wishing that there was a veteran homeschool mom who could walk me through the process. I don’t recommend making the homeschool journey alone. There are so many benefits and accessibility within the homeschool community currently.

Today we have access to mentors, coaches, and consultants. Many moms who have done a fixed amount of time and learned invaluable information through experience in homeschooling are now available to you in many ways. The internet makes it so easy to get direct access to that mom who will hold your hand. Take advantage of that!

The difference between a homeschool friend and mentor

What’s the difference between a homeschool friend and mentor? Why does it matter? A coach, mentor, or consultant have earned their stripes and have tried and accurate information. Your friend could be your bestie who only started homeschooling a year before you. Sure, we need homeschool friends, connections, and support but what works for your girlfriend’s family is not designed with your unique family in mind. Not to discredit your girlfriend, but your children and hers are different. Your lifestyles may also be different, and you may be creating undue stress on your self by assuming that what works for her family should indeed work for yours.

A coach, mentor, or consultant also has a tool chest of resources that you want access to! They can offer you courses, one on one consultations, they have a link to all the information you need. They have real-life experience and can tell you how and why. They have made some mistakes and learned how to overcome. In many cases, having a mentor that is further along in the homeschooling process, mature, and professional can be such a benefit to you growing and progressing through your unique homeschooling journey.

A professional and quality homeschool coach or consultant doesn’t tell you how to homeschool; they assist you in finding the right methods that will work for you and your family. They help you identify what will mesh with you and your personality. It is not our job as homeschool consultants to push you into anything unnatural to you. It is our job to help you find the right fit and methods to create YOUR ideal homeschool, routine, or aid you in whatever struggles you may be experiencing. We want to see you experience transformation and walk away with a new and refreshed perspective. To walk away equipped and encouraged.


It’s interesting to me that in the homeschool realm we try so hard to do it alone. We start out reading books and blogs. We waste money on curriculum that won’t work; we try all sorts of things when what may be most valuable is an investment in starting out on the right path. Yes, I realize homeschool families have budgets, but make sure you are investing in the things that can bring the biggest payoff for you and your homeschool.

We invest in our education, on the job training, or businesses. Shouldn’t we consider the same when it comes to providing quality education for our children? There are experts in the homeschooling niche nowadays, available to shorten the learning curve for you. Save you time, money, and hiccups along the way. I would have loved to have that opportunity when I started years ago.

We don’t have to do it alone and struggle. There are faster tracks to save you time; technology has advanced, and so has homeschooling & the options available to equip you for homeschooling. Take advantage!



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