30 Printable Scripture Pack & Copy Work

Homeschool Family Scripture Printable Pack FREE

Hi Friends!

I am sharing our new printable pack today and decided to give you just a quick overview of the different ways you can use them in your homeschool. My kids are spread out in age, so I wanted to create something that we could do scripture memory as a family and the younger children could participate too.

My 3 year old loves “going to class” (our school room lol) and doing things that resemble big sisters school work. So I created these as a way that he could learn and feel big too! He is enjoying identifying letters, and trying to write them. So this was a perfect fit and gives him something to focus on when I need to help another child.

Homeschool Family Scripture Printable Pack FREE

These were designed with all ages in mind. The visual scripture page can be hung, framed, or posted somewhere for the older children to see and practice memorization of the scripture. Or use in your homeschool space and practice memorizing with all the children together.

Homeschool Family FREE Scripture Printable Pack

The copy work pages have 2 versions for each scripture. One that focuses on the beginning letter for your youngest learner, they can practice copying and rewriting the letters A-J.

The other copy work page will have copy work lines to rewrite the entire scripture for your learners who can write. This is perfect combination for scripture memory and writing practice.

If you download you will notice I saved them based on months I plan to use them, August – May (A-J) for this homeschool year. These chosen scriptures are also simple enough that my littles can memorize with us. Some of them also incorporate some character training with the graphics we chose to use.

I hope you enjoy using these in your homeschool! You can certainly move faster than us and use one per week, or however your routine permits.

They are just a tool to help you and your family connect through homeschool and his word.

30 Printable Scripture Pack & Copy Work

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