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Top Benefits of Homeschooling for Christian Families

Top Benefits of Homeschooling for Christian Families

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Hi Friends!

Today I am going to share with you some important reasons to homeschool for our family, and they also carry benefits as a Christian homeschooler. After years of homeschooling, leading a homeschool group, and coaching other homeschool moms; I have finally compiled a list of the top benefits! These are not only incredibly essential benefits to my family but also the most common benefits I heard from many of my fellow like-minded homeschoolers.

Top Benefits of Homeschooling for Christian Families

Top Benefits of Homeschooling for Christian Families

        1. JESUS! I have to start with my favorite benefit to homeschooling! As homeschoolers, we can add Jesus, the Bible, or forms of biblical worldview into ANY subject. I personally seek out curricula that has biblical worldview and/or scripture or biblical teaching intertwined into the learning. I have met moms who view the Bible as a separate subject, but my homeschool is part of my home and, in my house, I want God in every part of it! We can pray when math is a struggle, we can use scripture for copy work or character training, and I want to invite God into every inch of my home and homeschool. That is my #1 Benefit of Homeschooling for Christian Families.
        2. Family. My husband’s work schedule has never been an 8-5, and he has never worked Monday through Friday. I knew when I married him; our calendar would never resemble the “norm.” If I sent my kiddos to public school, they would never see daddy before bed, and they would miss out on so much precious family time. I have always schooled around my husband’s work schedule, and it works for us. We school on Saturdays and play on weekdays to avoid crowds. A huge perk of homeschooling for us!
        3. Curriculum. We are in charge of what our children learn. I don’t have to worry about what class, what books, or what ideas my kids would be exposed to when I am not present. It is critical to me that I choose the books, the materials, and anything that we use to educate our kids.
        4. People. Not only can I choose what they learn when, but I can pick who! Yes, and why wouldn’t I? These days if you allow your child to take a class or play a sport, you usually drop them off, and another adult (s) can influence your child in whatever way they choose. They can offer their views, ideas, and sometimes poor attitudes all for our children to witness. We can easily control that by being vigilant about who we allow our children to be around. This goes for not only adults they would be in the presence of but also other children.My Top 7 Benefits of Christian Homeschooling
        5. Flexibility. This one can be difficult to embrace for many homeschooling moms, including me at one point. However, once you embrace it, it is invaluable to you as the mom & teacher of your homeschool. Flexibility: learn to use it, it will come in handy as often as Grace in your homeschool! Every day something will happen inevitably; sick child (the more children you have, the more likely) or an unexpected errand, maybe a neighbor needs your assistance. Honestly, all sorts of things may arise, and the KEY here is to always exercise flexibility. We can double up on math tomorrow, that passage we can add in at dinner and discuss, or maybe we can revisit that project next week. Whatever the case, learn to roll with it instead of allowing it to derail everything. I read a book from Heidi St. John years back and when she talked about flexibility something clicked for me, and I haven’t looked back when we miss something or need to rearrange the day like I used to. So I recommend her book as well as adopting the flexibility philosophy as a homeschool momma!

      1. 6. Time. The time I have with my precious kids, the time I would never get if I was sending my children out of the house daily, or at all. Time to cook, laugh, read, watch movies, learn, serve others, talk, all those things that we wouldn’t be doing with our children if they were somewhere other than home. Time they will remember.
      2. 7. Education. Besides the obvious – educating your children, what about for mom? It’s almost surreal the number of things that mom will learn during her journey of “teaching” her children. I love that not only am I revisiting so many subjects that I otherwise would never research again if I weren’t a homeschooler, but all the life lessons and character training for myself is invaluable. You get stretched beyond what you think you are capable! You get the chance at another level of education for yourself, that to me is another wonderful perk of this homeschooling journey! And of course the obvious, watching your kids learn, seeing those light bulbs going off, and getting to witness them flourish!

    It’s a beautiful journey, and I feel pretty blessed by it all! If you are thinking about homeschooling, I encourage you to pray about it. Stepping out in faith to take on such responsibility has huge rewards for your family, with many benefits!

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  1. Rosanna@ExtraordinaryEverydayMom

    All great points, thanks! As a homeschool graduate (who now homeschools her own children), I don’t think I often realize the value of home education because it’s been my whole life. There have been times in my life when I just wish I had more time to myself, but I recognize that these are valuable days.

    1. gracegrowedify

      Thanks Rosanna, I love hearing from homeschool graduates and curious about their perspectives. Thanks for sharing that!

  2. Shannon Bursey

    Thank you so much for this list! I agree with EVERY point and has been why I chose to homeschool. Even though that has been the case, I find it difficult to articulate when asked “why do you homeschool?”. That said, I’m so glad to have a reference that aligns with my thoughts to refer those questions to.

    1. gracegrowedify

      Truth! Isn’t it funny how we know WHY, but when asked it’s seems so hard to put into a simple answer! lol Thanks for stopping by friend!

  3. anu/growing curious minds

    I agree with every point on this list. I LOVE being with my boys! And I’m learning so many new things that I never knew before. Great blog!

    1. gracegrowedify

      Awesome Anu! I love being with my kiddos too! #1 Perk
      Thanks for stopping by!

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