Why Homeschool Moms NEED Training and How To

Why Homeschool Moms NEED Training and How To

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Hey Friends!

I bet I got your attention! Did you know you NEED training to homeschool your kids? Yep, you need it. Today we will talk about How To do exactly that. Now let me say this, YOU are the BEST choice to teach your kids hands down. I am always the 1st to encourage new moms that they CAN homeschool their kids. I also always say if God called you to do it, he WILL equip you. And lastly I had NO training when I started homeschooling, so what am I talking about right?

Why Homeschool Moms NEED Training and How To

I have been homeschooling for quite sometime now (years) and I learned the hard way that I needed things I didn’t know I needed. You don’t realize you need some things until it’s just too late. We get burnt out, tired, a little stale if you will. We start in August excited about all the things we are going to do this year, and all the things we will do differently. Usually by January we are ready for the school year to be done! lol Ok maybe not that bad, but sometimes we are having a rough season, maybe someone isn’t picking up the learning we are putting down, and even we get behind in curriculum or planning. All sorts of things can start to get off course easily and we don’t see it until we end up spilling our guts to our tribe that we feel a bit discouraged, and even some of us feel like we are drowning! Crazy right, how our wonderful intentions quickly fell off the rails.

First let me say IT’S OK! We ALL do it at some point or another for whatever reason. Don’t be ashamed at all. Even those of us who “have it down” don’t “have it down”. Let me share with you an idea that I heard years back and it stuck with me forever for the better!

You ARE a teacher! Hear that again, YOU ARE A TEACHER! And teachers need training! Obviously we wouldn’t send our kiddos to a teacher or class being led by someone who wasn’t qualified, right? Well you are qualified to be the teacher for your children, but like any teacher you should continue your education. Do some on the job training.

Teachers train with continuing education classes, videos, read books, attend conferences, listen to audios, and so much more! Why don’t we?Why Homeschool Moms Need Training

There is no reason you shouldn’t incorporate some Teacher Training and Tips!

  • READ. This is the easiest and cheapest form of training, just educate yourself. No one ever knows it all, there is something I learn every day that I can use or implement into my homeschool to make it better. Whether it’s books, blogs, or online articles just read.
  • Conferences. Some of us have the misconception that conferences are too expensive, but I have heard some of the best speakers at homeschool conferences. You have to think of it as more of an investment. There are conferences that are just for encouragement, a blend of things or just curriculum. You can watch for when your favorite speakers come to town, or follow local speakers online; but they always have something to share worthwhile and it just opens your thoughts to a new perspective. Every time I leave a conference I feel refreshed and full of new ideas!
  • Video & Audio. If you can’t attend a conference get the audio afterwards, they sell them at the conference usually and online afterwards. You can play these back at times you are feeling like you need some inspiration or motivation. There are podcasts, periscopes, and video blogs all available at our fingertips these days, what a wonderful advantage we have!
  • Courses and Classes. All sorts of things are available to us now, take advantage of online freebies, courses and classes. I have seen speakers come to places for free, free or low cost workshops for mom, and tons of stuff online if it isn’t convenient for you to leave.
  • Teacher In Service Days. This is something I heard in a conference and it was a light bulb moment. Treat ourselves like actual teachers, and give your self a Teacher In Service Day when you need to plan or catch up on planning/grading. The kids get a fun freebie day so they wont complain, but have your husband watch the kids and lock your self in a room or go to the local coffee shop and do some teacher stuff! lol Use that time to train, watch a video, read, do whatever training you need to do. You will acquire new perspectives and feel refreshed again, even if just for an hour or two.

No matter what we should be continually learning ! It’s good for you momma! No matter what type of homeschool style you use (box kit, plan your own, unschooled,  Charlotte Mason, etc.) there is room to be inspired, motivated, and continue our own education as Teachers!


Here at Grace, Grow & Edify we provide training resources for homeschooling parents, check out our Home Education Road Map Course to get you off to a great start in your homeschool journey!





  1. Kay

    Homeschool grad here, and though I don’t have kids yet, I can definitely imagine what you share here is actually freeing for some moms to hear. No one should have the pressure of such a big undertaking and thinking they’re suppose to already know all there is to it!

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