This Mommas Easy Guide to a Body Reset: Juicing Cheat Sheet

This Momma’s Easy Guide to a Body Reset: Juicing Cheat Sheet

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Hey Friends!

Today I am going to share with you an easy way to reset your body!

As a fellow momma, you have heard it all about putting us first. But it’s so true, if we are not spiritually, physically, and emotionally fed then how can we feed our families properly? We can not pour into our marriages, children, and household if we are a mess in any of those areas. You might be able to, but if we are honest, we wont be giving our best selves back.

This Momma’s Easy Guide to a Body Reset: Juicing Cheat Sheet

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The Skinny

I recently hit a spell of just feeling overly blah! I literally was tired from having babies 14 months apart, and my sleep situation was just plain sad. I wasn’t putting myself first in any areas, and I knew it was time to hit the word hard and get my body and mind energized again. I knew a large part of feeling sluggish was also due to my eating habits, I was eating poorly, and my body and energy levels suffered as a direct result.


Now, I had juiced before, and I will be very candid in telling you that I wasn’t a huge fan. Juicing was time- consuming, it left me hungry, and it’s pretty expensive considering all the fruits and veggies you go through if you want to do it for a few days. The last time I had juice fasted, I did a three day spell of juicing for every meal, and by the 3rd day, I felt bad. A headache, low energy, and I felt like I could almost pass out by the end. Not entirely because of the juice itself, but I didn’t know the right combinations of which items to juice when for optimal performance. But juicing is highly beneficial to a body reset.

Note: I am not a doctor; you need to consult your health professional before starting any program that may affect your health. This is strictly my personal experience that I am sharing, not medical or health advice.

So I started doing research and determined that for me, I would benefit more from a kit where I don’t have to spend a lot of time or thought on the process. I will get discouraged and give up if it’s too much trouble, and frankly, with three kids (2 of them littles) homeschooling, homemaking, and all that we mommas do, our time is super valuable. After researching, and I looked into many options I thought I would give this one a try. I know it isn’t a traditional juice when you think of juicing, but I found that it was an even better alternative. Not to mention it had fantastic reviews. It was This Mommas Easy Guide to a Body Reset for Sure!

SUPER DETOX ME 3-Day Body ReSTART Juice Cleanse, Core Cleanse, 24 Juices (Set of 3)

SUPER DETOX ME 1-Day Body ReSTART Juice Cleanse, Core Cleanse, 8 Juices

The Results!

I decided to go all in and do the 3 day Restart. I also teamed up with my sister so I had an accountability partner and we went through it together. I am so glad I did. Now, this wasn’t for weight loss, this was just to boost me back into healthy eating and clean out my system from all the garb I had been eating and drinking. Mommas you need to give this a try if you have identified with anything I have said so far. I was pleasantly surprised with my results in such a short amount of time!

Day 1  I was slightly rough just because you aren’t eating solid food; I think it was more of a psychological thing because I was never starving hungry, but you are abstaining from solids, so it just feels weird the 1st day. But no major hunger and my sister and I both felt fine by the end of the day, no headaches.

Day 2 I was feeling really light and FULL of energy, seriously energy I haven’t felt in a couple of years. I got so much done around the house on day 2; I felt fantastic. Again, no headaches or major hunger at all. It was crazy good. The manufacturer planned what blends of things to drink when, and you are drinking something every 2 hours you just don’t have a chance to starve or feel bad. In my opinion of course.

Day 3 I was also good and full of energy much like day 2, but I did start to feel slight hunger by the end of the day and just the need for solid food. I should also mention because these are prepackaged and ready to drink, I saved valuable time!

Day 4 I woke up and ate a healthy breakfast and easily worked my way back into a good eating routine. Still enjoying the lightness and good energy.

The Stats – Morning of day 4 before eating or drinking I did weigh myself and took measurements just to see the results – I lost 5.5 inches overall and 3 lbs of probably water weight. My tummy felt flatter than it had in a long time as well, as you know that is a great feeling moms!

I was not overly concerned with pounds or inches, just clearing out my system from all of the unhealthy foods I had eaten and focused on starting to eat clean again and feel energized!

The Takeaway

  • The juices were delicious!
  • It was so easy to have them prepackaged and not think about any prep, other than refrigerating them.
  • My energy levels were crazy good.
  • This was a fantastic catalyst to eating healthy again.
  • I love that each packaged juice had just the right ingredients and the right combinations.

So my recommendation is to give this a try if you just need a boost of energy and a kick start back onto a healthy living plan. It’s well worth it to clean out our bodies ever so often with all the things we eat on the go as moms!

Share your results with me if you try it! I would love to know how it worked for you!


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