Our Complete 6th Grade Christian Curriculum Overview

Our Complete 6th Grade Christian Curriculum Overview

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Hi friends!

I don’t know about y’all but our school year is already flying by! We school year round, and every July we break for a few weeks and get ready to kick off the “new school year” with planning, purchasing curriculum, and all the fun reorganizing (that is my personal favorite part)! Today I am going to share:

Our Complete 6th Grade Christian Curriculum Overview

It has always helped me to look at others curriculum choices, so I will share ours this year. As far as 6th grade goes, I will give you a quick history – We have always homeschooled from the beginning and we have evolved from “school in a box” curriculum from Pre K – 2nd , to classical 3rd -4th (a brief go with a University Model school), and we have now relaxed into a good mix of things these past couple of years. I love classical schooling, yet my daughter is an auditory and visual learner so I have learned over the years how to tailor her schooling to her learning style vs what I prefer. So we have a good blend of things this year that happen to be working pretty well! (The past 2 years were a little crazy since I had babies 14 months apart!)

And of course I always like to add a little encouragement for the moms that may be reading and stressing out about what curriculum to choose for their kiddo, remember choose what works for YOUR family, YOUR schedule, and YOUR children. It’s easy to do something because our friend tried it or we feel like we need to keep up with “that” mom that has it all together (no such thing my friend!) But be careful we don’t fall into satan’s comparison trap, do what is right for you and yours!

Full Disclosure: I am recommending some great products that work for us, if you purchase through any of these links I may be compensated enough to buy a coffee or two…so thank you fellow momma!!

Our Line Up for 2016-2017:

Math – Teaching Textbooks 7 – We came from a solid foundation of Abeka Math, so we found to be one grade level ahead when we chose Teaching Textbooks, but it’s visual and all done on the computer and my daughter has really enjoyed it! It keeps a grade log for you, and there is NO PREP! That’s right no teacher prep, so it’s great for independent work. They have an online placement test too if you need to see what level your child would be on.

Math 7: Teaching Textbooks (Book & CD)

HistoryVeritas Online New Testament, Greece & Rome This is another wonderful no prep choice, completely independent work with no worksheets, all online. They quiz, test, and keep an online report card also. My daughter has retained so much from Veritas online courses, I highly recommend it.

Writing/Language Arts – Bravewriter Kidswrite Basic for a 6 Week course then we will transition into Deb Bells New Writers In Residence Vol 1. Just a quick mention of the Bravewriter course- it’s pricey I know, but I will tell you for those of us moms who don’t have any teacher training tools or a background in education, it really helped show me how to coach my daughter and her writing vs. being critical and over correcting it. So often we discourage our children’s “fire” to write and I needed this course myself (Kidswrite Basic is for parent/child together) to learn how to help spark and foster her excitement for writing instead of making it another subject that she dreaded at times. Here is a little “cheat” – if you can’t afford or don’t want to invest the money for a 6 week course, I know our homeschool budgets are so stretched at times – get the Writers Jungle from Bravewriter and you can use it at home and it’s the same course basically.

6th Grade our complete christian curriculum overview

SpellingBJU Press 5 – We are finishing up our spelling from last year and honestly not in love with this one, she has struggled through it and I am probably about to switch to something else. Comment below what you love for spelling especially for visual/auditory learners, I would love to know!

Side note: Part of the beauty of homeschooling is also being able to switch things up when they just aren’t working! Don’t suffer through a curriculum choice when you know it isn’t meshing with you or your child’s ability to learn.

Bible – She does a Devotional a few times a week as her personal time with the Lord, we also do scripture memory; right now we are on Psalm 23 for example and once we memorize it we will move on to another one. Some of these verses we rotate back to after a few years to refresh, she did Psalm 23 in 2nd grade but we needed to memorize again.

Her Veritas online also includes so much biblical information that class is almost a dual purpose class, another reason we love it. We copy various scripture when applicable to a situation, or when I see areas that need character encouragement and building opportunities. Honestly, most of every subject I can incorporate the Bible and God into we do. I don’t look at “Bible” as a subject, rather it should be the center of our home, our day, and in everything we do. So I purchase my curricula with that in mind too, any subject that I can choose a biblically based course vs a secular choice I will choose biblical every time.

Science – Apologia Zoology 1 – I don’t have to tell many of you about Apologia, most of you know and love it too! I purchase the audio and the book for science every year, my daughter can follow along as the audio reads the book. It’s so worth it for an auditory child! She loves it, and learns so much! The journal too, there is a journal and a junior journal – for this age I would do the regular journal it has a little more mature content than the junior option. This is our 3rd year with Apologia Science.

Geography – I need to do a whole post on how I do Geography, but I incorporate Little Passports for fun, excitement and visual  aspects then I add in a few other things such as Eat your way Around the World, and Around the World Coloring Book. I try to make this really fun and she loves it!

World Edition: Join Sam and Sofia as they travel to a new country every month

Art – We have taken some lessons/blocks from a local Art Teacher – Light of Grace Art Camps and we also use See the Light DVDs. This year we have also added Art Appreciation now that she is older and this includes some fantastic art history in History of Art from Creation to Contemporary.

Music – This was a splurge but so worth it – First Discovery Music – These are cds we play in the schoolroom while working on various projects, but it showcases not only the music by a particular composer it also tells his or her life story as you listen. So fun! We purchased these in a large set, but they are available by composer in singles too! They have everything from Mozart to Ella Fitzgerald.

Reading/Literature – We read a lot of Lamplighters books then after we finish the book we listen to the dramatic audios. If you don’t know about Lamplighters you need to check them out! All Christian based, character building, and classic stories. These are great for all ages, I even let the littles listen along! We also are doing some classic literature of course, we just finished the Life of Hellen Keller and moving onto Heidi this year with a study guide to help facilitate some comprehension. To Kill a Mockingbird & Anne of Green Gables are also on the list.


Fun Extras:

We use the Field Trip Journal by Apologia the following school day after a trip so she can document the fun! This also serves as a writing lesson but don’t tell her! lol

She participates in American Heritage Girls to keep up with her serving and also to stay in a small group of girls just her age. They also have a penpal program that hooks her up with another girl in the U.S. her same age and guess what…that is another writing opportunity!

Lastly she is in a sewing class for homeschoolers that helps foster her creativity as well, she is very hands on and any way I can continue to foster her talents and she enjoy it is a win-win!

I would love to hear what works in your homeschool! Thanks for allowing me to share our line up with you! I hope you are having a great start to your school year! I am always available to chat if you need some support from a fellow mom! Or if you have ANY questions about any of the items I listed I would love to help you.

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    May I ask what sewing class? My daughter has been looking for a good one in the Cedar Park area.

    Thank you! Becca

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    1. Hi Rebecca! Yes we love Miss Didi, she is in Cedar Park near Vista Ridge High School. She has girls s young as 8 sewing, they meet every other Thursday morning from 10-12. Tell her we sent ya! You will love her.

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