Tips for Setting up your Homeschool Space

Tips for Setting up your Homeschool Space

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Oh friends! Organizing things is my happy place and favorite calming mechanism. I love to organize and plan, so when it came time to organize our school room for the year….eeeek! Setting up your homeschool space is important. This is where your children will be inspired, spend quality time learning, and of course have fun! Here are some simple tips for setting up your homeschool space.

Tips for Setting Up Your Homeschool Space

We recently moved and this was all a blank space. That definitely makes it easier to start with. I recommend if you want to reorganize your homeschool space (and when I say space it all goes – kitchen, dining room, basement, wherever you school most) I recommend pulling everything out if you can, take everything off the walls, and “start over”. The blank canvas allows for maximum creativity! Or so I think.

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These pictures are before we added our curriculum, activities, or personal items so it looks slightly bare. But my latest “must have” for the teacher was this rolling cart, many of you have seen these and I was skeptical too. I was unsure if it would really hold a lot of “stuff”, as many of you know after years of homeschooling you accumulate all the supplies. You name it and I probably have it. But I was pleasantly surprised with all the items I could house in there. It rolls if I need to move it, and isn’t it a colorful piece of happiness? Makes me smile, and adds a little pop to the room. I have it right next to the “teacher’s” desk so everything I need is right there next to me.

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ECR4Kids 15-Drawer Mobile Organizer, Assorted Colors

Now some of you are looking at these pictures and it might be obvious to you that we don’t school at the park we play at the park! We use this room as our learning space, and for us it works. I don’t like things piled up on my kitchen table, and I feel like this space doesn’t have any of the distractions from the kitchen or tv, and we can learn and create here. But do what works for YOUR family! What matters is that they are learning, in whatever environment that works for them and you.

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I also have created a new space this year for my tot schooling. So excited to bring my 1 year old and 2 year old into the classroom this year. Ok now you think I am really crazy that I am adding in my littles to the schoolroom. Yes a little! I am doing some light tot schooling with my 2 year old, and a lot of learning through play so we needed an area designated for that.

We have an oil drip pan (or use an old cookie sheet) on the wall for magnetic play and also a magnetic story board that also can be used on it. I am including the links to the storyboard below, and they have all sorts of felt kits to tell stories from the bible or themed kits, Farm Kits, Animal Kits and so much more. I tell stories on the board and the boys like to “play” with the felt pieces afterwards; it’s a great way to allow them to play and remember the stories or work with various themes.

The boys LOVE this space, the circular table I bought used and chalkboard painted the top and my 2 year old loves to “write” on it.

The Felt & Magnetic Story Board


Fun on the Farm Felt Figures for Flannel Board (20+ Precut Figures, Animals, Farmers, Barn)

Now how do they not distract the 6th grader from her workload? Well they are only allowed in here maybe an hour or two a few times a week, and that works because they don’t see this space on a daily basis so it’s exciting and something new. When they are here they stay occupied with the toys and activities that are only for the homeschool room.

They are not allowed to take any of the toys out of the schoolroom, so I keep most of the learning related toys in here. Also, during the time that the toddlers are in here are not during the hours that my 6th grader is doing math, or any subject that may require quiet time for her to really concentrate.

Tips for setting up your homeschool space

My daughter has her own desk and her own workspace since she started pre-k at home. I have always had a desk designated for her “school time”, personally I feel that has helped her with her independence in her school work and taught her some valuable skills to keep your work space organized, focus, and she likes decorating her cork board above her desk etc.

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So this is just a quick glimpse into our space today, I hope you enjoyed peeking in and feel free to ask ANY questions about something in the room you see that you may be curious about. 




Tips for setting up your homeschool space:

  • Do what works best for your family!

  • Create spaces or nooks if you can to inspire various activities and creativity.

  • Start with a blank space if possible.

  • Relax, have fun!

  • Remember nothing is permanent, if 6 weeks from now you feel like the space isn’t working – change it.

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